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When you preorder your copy of LIARS’ PARADOX before December 18th, 2018, make sure to fill out the registration box on this page.

On December 18th one lucky winner will receive a KAUKKO Outdoor Backpack!


Hello You Awesome Person, You!

If you’re seeing this letter it means you’ve pre-ordered LIARS’ PARADOX. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you have. In just a few short weeks you and I are going to have our own little book club and for me that’s really something special.

It’s been a years-long process writing LIARS’ PARADOX and getting it into print, and all that whole time it’s been like holding on to a secret I’ve been dying to just blurt out. There are all these new characters and a crazy wild ride of a story and it’s been desperately hard to keep all this fun stuff to myself…and I almost don’t have to anymore!

Another reason I’m excited is because, thanks to the creativity and enthusiasm of the Kensington publishing team, we’re having a book-theme pre-order giveaway for the first time ever. I’m rather geeked about the grand prize and jealous I can’t enter to win for myself.

Now, what, you might wonder, does this marvelous backpack have to do with the theme of LIARS’ PARADOX?

Well, if you’ve read the jacket copy, or have heard me talk about the book even just a little, then you know that two of the story’s central characters are twenty-six-year-old twins, Jack and Jill (not their real names, of course) who’ve been raised off-grid and constantly on the run. All their lives they’ve carried what they call “tool bags,” basically grab-and-go emergency kits stocked with absolute essentials and few creative tools of the trade.

They’ve also carried more than a few weapons, and multiple passports, and an array of disguises, but as far as cool give-away prizes go a “tool bag” had just a tad bit more feasibility going for it. And so, with the blessing of the amazing team who made LIARS’ PARADOX a hold-in-your-hands reality, here we are.

My deepest thanks go to those working hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and my deepest thanks go to you for your pre-order. I can’t wait for your copy to reach you and so hope that you enjoy these new characters as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to life.

 I’d love to hear from you if you do.

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Hope to see you there!


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