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A  celebration of Israel’s miraculous journey from prophecy to the birth of a nation.

Released to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary, Israel Rising is a uniquely stunning visual story of Israel’s miraculous journey from unforgiving desert land to thriving nation. This beautiful, full color book juxtaposes rare historical photographs of the Holy Land – some over 100 years old and never before released to the general public – with contemporary photos taken from the same angle exclusively for this collection. With over 175 images, these “then and now” comparisons allow readers to truly witness the physical transformation of the land within the last century. Barren desert land blooms into a lush, vibrant landscape.  The result is a dramatic visual chronicle, and a magnificent commemoration of Israel’s 70th anniversary.

With a foreword by Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the director of Israel 365 and the publisher of The Israel Bible and Breaking Israel News, Israel Rising will inspire and captivate readers as it illuminates Israel’s foretold awakening in a new and unforgettable way.

“But you, mountains of Israel, you will shoot forth your branches and yield your fruit for My people Israel; for their return is near.”


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Elise Monique Theriault is a freelance photojournalist and travel photographer based out of California. She has been traveling to Israel since 2011 and has cultivated a passion for its photogenic landscapes, history and culture. Her photography is featured in multiple organizations throughout Israel. For more of her work and for more information, visit elisemonique.com.

Photo Credit: Elise M. Theriault