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Fall is such a vibrant season, isn’t it? Depending on where we live, we get the deep crimson of ripe apples, the festive orange of pumpkins, the crisp blue of a clear autumn sky, and the deep brown of fallen leaves. The vast color palate of fall is a feast for the eyes! While I try to spend as much time in nature as I can during this season, some autumn days there’s just nothing better than curling up with a blanket, a mug of hot tea, and a good book.

In the fall time, I gravitate towards books with characters as unforgettable and vibrant as those beautiful changing leaves. This issue’s crop of Down Home Reads certainly features many wonderful examples of dynamic, remarkable characters. We have a young man coming-of-age during the turbulence of the Civil War, a trio of sisters who run a bull ranch, a woman who became like the Princess Diana of her time after losing her husband aboard the Titanic, a brother-sister sleuthing team, and three Halloween romances as cozy as a pumpkin spice latte.

Be sure to head on over to for even more bookish fun, and look for my next round of recommendations in the magazine’s holiday issue! More Down Home Reads are on the way, so don’t go far, y’all!


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Jodi's Current Book Selections

In 1910, Jack Astor was American royalty, the richest man in the world. Madeleine Force was a beautiful teenaged debutante suddenly thrust into fame simply for falling in love with famous man nearly three decades her senior. Their breathtaking love story is brought to life – from scandalous courtship to tragic honeymoon aboard the Titanic – in this stunning work of historical fiction

As warm and frothy as a pumpkin price latte on a crisp autumn day, this trio of magically romantic intertwined tales set in the charmingly festive small town of Moonbright, Maine is the perfect Halloween indulgence from bestselling authors Marina Adair, Kate Angell and Stacy Finz!

This suspenseful page-turner kicks off a brand new series by the legendary Fern Michaels featuring Luna and Cullan Bodman, 30-something siblings who co-own an antique shop even though they couldn’t be more different. Cullan is efficient and serious while his younger sister Luna is a free spirit. When a recently-acquired antique sets off Luna’s sixth sense, the two find themselves investigating a mystery more dangerous than they ever could have expected.

Bestselling author Janet Dailey returns to the Alamo Canyon Ranch, where three sisters run a legacy bull rearing operation. women who aren’t afraid to compete in a man’s world, or to take on something as wild as love—and win. At least that’s what Val thought when she first left Hollywood and returned to her family ranch. But that was before she found herself drawn to her former flame, a brave rodeo clown.

In a powerful Civil War epic coursing with raw human drama, award-winning author and historian Jim R. Woolard forges a young man’s harrowing coming-of-age journey from Confederate captive to Union prisoner to unchained force of vengeance during the most controversial episode in American history…

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