If you are anything like me, you spend much of the Holiday Season trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Watching their eyes light up while unwrapping something special is one of the highlights of the year. But while gift giving is utterly rewarding, it can also be stressful. So, when I find myself unsure of what to get, I always settle on a gift everyone always loves to receive: books, of course!

And since all of you reading this are my friends, I’m gifting my love of reading to you this Holiday Season, too! Hopefully you will find the perfect book for not only yourself but also for someone special. On this list, there’s a book for everyone! For the animal lover, there’s a Homeward Bound journey for one of the internet’s most famous dogs. For the person who binges every new Hallmark Christmas movie, there’s a charming small-town tale of second chances. For the romantic in your life, there’s a swashbuckling historical tale of spies and adventure. For the puzzle-solver, there’s a dark atmospheric mystery set along the coast of Ireland. And for your BFF, a story about four women for whom friendship is life’s greatest gift.

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Happy Reading,

Jodi Thomas

Jodi's Current Book Selections

In this dark, atmospheric mystery set on the sea-swept, rugged coast of Ireland, an intrepid, bighearted veterinarian gets pulled into two eerie murder cases that appear to be tied to a chilling Irish folktale.

Tatum from @hi.this.is.tatum, one of the TikTok and Instagram’s most beloved “talking” dogs, stars in this heartfelt and humorous story about a charismatic canine’s journey home – his own Homeward Bound. Fans who love Tatum’s distinctive quirks and hilarious voice are in for a real treat with this uplifting adventure.

A smoldering nobleman and a beautiful amnesiac with paranormal gifts discover they share a powerful passion, a unique legacy—and a common enemy in this swashbuckling historical romance set along the coast of Cornwall.

For anyone who can’t get enough of Hallmark Christmas movies, the cozy close-knit small town ranching community of Branding Iron, TX is the ideal backdrop to experience the uplifting magic of the holidays.

Friends since high school, four 30-something women reunite for a Christmas ski trip filled with a few unexpected bumps—and lots of laughter – in this humorous, heartwarming celebration of female friendship.

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