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For me, this special time of year is all about finding ways to spread love and joy. Whether I’m visiting with family and friends, sending out holiday cards, or whipping up a batch of my Aunt Dixie’s famous Divinity, I strive to embrace the merriment of the season as much as possible. One of my favorite methods for spreading love is gifting books to practically everyone I know. After all, what’s more meaningful than sharing stories with one another? Plus, books are so easy to wrap!

This holiday season, I’m sharing my love of reading with all of you! Each of this issue’s books are perfect to read with friends and spend time together. In these exceptional novels, you will stalk a serial killer through the snowy landscape of the Pacific Northwest and go fishing in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. You’ll watch a courtship blossom via letter-writing in an Ohio Amish Community and meet three handsome cowboys. You can even fall in love with a movie star at a ski resort!

Be sure to head on over to for more bookish fun, and look for my next round of recommendations in the magazine’s spring issue! More Down Home Reads are on the way, so don’t go far, y’all!


Happy Reading,

Jodi Thomas

Jodi's Current Book Selections

Carolina’s Lowcountry. Amid old-fashioned oyster roasts, starlit outings on the creek and sun-drenched fishing expeditions, Kit Teague must grapple with her difficult family past, the loss of her mother, her family’s fishing business… and the possibility a second chance with the man she’s always loved from afar.

atmospheric backdrop of rural Pacific Northwest, FBI Special Agent Laurel Snow teams up with a local Fish and Wildlife Captain to hunt a killer who seems to be targeting Laurel’s own sociopathic half-sister.

Shelley Shepard Gray’s inspirational novels always give me an uplifting sense of hope and the romance is always so sweet and tender. In Happily Ever Amish, Daniel Miller originally just intends to send Addie Byler some love letters to boost her confidence. But he genuinely starts to fall for her as she writes back but fears her reaction when she learns that he’s been lying to her and is in fact her secret admirer.

Fern Michaels’ uplifting stories of love, family, and friendship in irresistible settings are the definition of a cozy comfort read. Falling Stars combines a snowy mountain resort, an A-List Hollywood star and the ski instructor hired to get him up to speed for an upcoming role. And naturally sparks begin to fly on the slopes!

What could possibly be better than a rugged cowboy hero? How about THREE rugged cowboy heroes! These swoony Christmas-themed stories are the perfect bite-sized reads that you can read in between your many holiday activities. Curl up with your cocoa and take your me-time with this one.

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