Just as summertime can symbolize endless possibility, autumn represents a period of transition. Kids leave summer camp and return to their classrooms for a new school year. Adults wind down summer vacations and return to the office with lasting memories. Juicy berries and ripe tomatoes give way to pumpkin spice and crisp apples. And the types of books I read change in the fall, too: I seek out stories where characters find themselves in situations where they must adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. In these recommended books, you can tag along as a brave novelist flees the growing Nazi regime in Berlin and stands up for what she believes in. You can find yourself caught in a time loop thanks to a magical snow globe, reliving the weeks leading up to Christmas. You can walk the halls of an English Victorian mansion with a psychologist who's convinced that the voices she’s hearing are from beyond the grave. And, in my very first non-fiction recommendation, you can find stardom with a country music legend!

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Jodi Thomas

Jodi's Current Book Selections

It’s a Wonderful Life meets Groundhog Day in this emotional novel as a woman dangerously close to losing it all receives an unexpected Christmas gift that prompts a surprising journey of self-discovery as she must relive the weeks before Christmas time and time again.

An engrossing novel inspired by the mysterious true story of Irmgard Keun, a female novelist who defied all the rules during Berlin’s volcanic post-WWI years, as a young German writer exiled for her ideas flees her country and her Nazi-supporting husband, fighting for her art, her life, and her child.

This twisty, page-turning thriller with a touch of horror draws from a real historical tragedy as an American psychologist begins to hear ghostly voices after inheriting an old Victorian manor house in Suderland, England.

From bestselling, acclaimed authors Kristina McMorris and T. Greenwood, two heartfelt, poignant stories filled with Christmas magic and the gift of second chances.

Who doesn’t love Keith Urban? This definitive biography chronicles how a skinny, shy high school dropout with an outrageous mullet went from humble origins in Australia to conquering Nashville and global stardom – plus his struggles with addiction, marriage to Nicole Kidman, turns on American Idol, and more!

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