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Quiz: Plan a Wedding and Get a Cozy Mystery Recommendation

{“results”:{“bljgq”:{“id”:”bljgq”,”title”:”THREE TAINTED TEAS by Lynn Cahoon”,”image”:”https:\/\/\/kensington-books-publishing-wp\/wp-content\/uploads\/2023\/05\/05204413\/1.png”,”imageId”:”24139″,”desc”:”Like Mia\u2019s wedding clients, you want your wedding to be magical and bohemian! When Mia becomes a last-minute wedding planner to Miracle Springs\u2019 very own… READ MORE

What NOT To Do at a Wedding

What NOT To Do at a Wedding

At least once in your lifetime, you’ll be invited to a wedding. But what are some wedding faux pas you should avoid? Check out a few of our tips below… READ MORE

Quiz: Which Someday Valley Resident Are You?

{“results”:{“o5ow3”:{“id”:”o5ow3″,”title”:”You’re most like: Rusty!”,”image”:”https:\/\/\/kensington-books-publishing-wp\/wp-content\/uploads\/2023\/04\/26205033\/1.png”,”imageId”:”24009″,”desc”:”You\u2019re most like Rusty!\r\n\r\nRusty is known for being an honest man and a hard worker. While he may seem tough on the outside, he\u2019s a softie on… READ MORE