Kensington Hardcover: Kensington Hardcover is where we publish our New York Times bestselling authors such as Fern Michaels, Lisa Jackson, Joanne Fluke, Mary Morrison and Mary Monroe. We also publish one cozy hardcover mystery per month.

Kensington Trade Paperback: We publish literary commercial fiction, historical mysteries, African American fiction, erotic romance and contemporary romance. Some of our bestselling trade authors are Cathy Lamb, Ellen Marie Wiseman, Holly Chamberlin, Marie Bostwick and Amy Conner.

Kensington Mass-Market: We publish three original paperback mysteries per month in Kensington mass-market, as well as reprints of our hardcover mysteries and reprints of our Dafina titles.

  Aphrodisia: Launched in January 2006, Aphrodisia publishes a diverse line of erotic romances, ranging from historical, to paranormal, contemporary, ménage, bdsm, and more. Quality writing, a fascinating variety of sexual relationships, and a willingness to push the boundaries of explicit content far beyond those of traditional romance is what Aphrodisia offers the adventuresome reader. These are published in trade paperback.
  Brava: Publishes popular contemporary romances that are relatively steamy, though not erotic. Brava titles are first published in trade paperback on the Kensington trade paperback list and then in mass market on the Kensington mass-market list.
  Citadel PressCitadel is Kensington's non-fiction imprint. Citadel publishes acclaimed memoirs and books about popular culture, past and present. Created largely from Kensington’s acquisition of key titles from Carol Publishing/Birch Lane Press, today’s Citadel Press showcases perennial backlist favorites as well as select new titles in a boutique program ranging from classics such as JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN by Dalton Trumbo to I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL by Tucker Max.
  Dafina: Launched in the fall of 2000, Dafina is the leading publisher of commercial fiction written by and about people of African descent. The word Dafina, which is Swahili for an unexpected gift or treasure, reflects the imprint's mission: to share the gift of storytelling. Dafina Books has established itself as a publishing home for dynamic stories for adults in genres as diverse as women's fiction, street lit, romance, and inspirational fiction. In 2006 Dafina expanded its program to include books for teens. Under the imprint Dafina Kteen we publish romance, mystery, paranormal, and street lit for teen readers. Dafina Books publishes over eighty books a year in hardcover, trade paperback, mass market and eBook.
  Holloway House: Holloway House publishes legendary street lit fiction that has set the standard for the genre. They feature material that is both edgy and provocative in any era. Among the classic Holloway House authors are Donald Goines. Tupac Sakur called Goines a 'father figure' in his lyrics for 'Tradin' War Stories, and Ludacris rapped about Goines.
  John Scognamiglio Books: Kensington Publishing editor-in-chief John Scognamiglio has been given his own imprint at the publishing company. John Scognamiglio Books will release four to six hardcovers per year starting in January 2018. Scognamiglio has been editor-in-chief of Kensington since 2005.

KTeen: YA books.

  KTeen Dafina: YA Dafina books.
  Lyle Stuart Books: Learn how to win at poker, blackjack, and more with advice from the pros, including Gus Hansen, John Vorhaus, and Lou Krieger.
  Lyrical Caress: A sub-imprint of Lyrical Press.
  Lyrical Liaison: A sub-imprint of Lyrical Press.
  Lyrical Press: Lyrical Press is a digital first imprint that offers readers a prolific catalog of titles ranging from sweeping historical romances and edgy erotic titles to chilling thrillers and cozy mysteries. Lyrical Press offers an exciting way to meet your next favorite author in every fiction genre.
  Lyrical Shine: A sub-imprint of Lyrical Press, Lyrical Shine publishes digital first contemporary romances of all kinds.
  Lyrical Underground: A sub-imprint of Lyrical Press, Lyrical Underground publishes digital first mysteries, thrillers, suspense, and horror titles.
  Pinnacle: Publishes bestselling thrillers in the premium format, westerns, horror and true crime titles. Among Pinnacle's western bestselling authors is William W. Johnstone, the country's most popular western writer.
  Rebel Base Books: Your digital first destination for cutting-edge science fiction and fantasy.
  Zebra: Kensington's flagship imprint publishes nationally bestselling women's fiction, romantic suspense and bestselling historical, paranormal and contemporary romances. Authors on the Zebra list include Fern Michaels, Lisa Jackson, Hannah Howell, Janet Dailey, Mary Burton, Victoria Alexander, Mary Jo Putney, Nancy Bush and Alexandra Ivy.
  Zebra Shout: Kensington's low-priced mass market imprint created to help readers discover new authors.