Now Showing: Film Noir and the Perfect Suspenseful Book Pairing

Atmospheric suspenseful tales never go out of style, which is why each of these classic film noirs has a literary equivalent cinephiles will love.

Secrets of Rose Briar Hall by Kelsey James

Set in opulent Gilded Age New York, newlywed Millie Turner finds herself trapped in a luxurious yet sinister mansion. After hosting a grand party to prove her worthiness as the wife of powerful stockbroker Charles Turner, Millie awakens to a disorienting reality: weeks have passed in a haze, her memory is fragmented, and her once vibrant social life has crumbled. As she delves into the mysteries of that fateful night, Millie must navigate a web of deceit and manipulation. This homage to Gaslight will have readers wondering what’s real, and what is just a trick of the light…

The Busy Body by Kemper Donovan

When a ghostwriter is chosen to collaborate on the memoir of Dorothy Gibson, a former Senator and failed presidential candidate, she finds herself at Dorothy’s charming but isolated home in rural Maine and entangled in a murder investigation. As they delve into writing the memoir, a neighbor’s suspicious death prompts Dorothy to launch a secret investigation. Together, they must unravel the truth, navigating lies and deceit in a tale filled with humor and intrigue, and keep the finger of blame from pointed to themselves, much like Humphrey Bogart in his unforgettable role as an author suspected of murder in In a Lonely Place.

Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson

Twice a survivor of a serial killer, Kristi Bentz, daughter of famed New Orleans Detective Rick Bentz, is now fascinated by the criminal mind. Seeking to write true crime, she enrolls at All Saints College, where four troubled girls have disappeared within two years. With only her ex-lover, Professor Jay McKnight, believing in her theories, Kristi senses a terrifying link between the victims. As her investigation deepens, she feels watched and realizes she’s entangled in a deadly game with a psychopath who has chosen her as the next victim. Those who loved Laura will be engrossed by this story of a brilliant young woman who refuses to stay down.

The Wife Before by Shanora Williams

Samira thinks she has finally caught a lucky break after a whirlwind romance with Roland Graham, a handsome and wealthy pro golfer, lands her in his secluded and palatial Colorado mansion, but Samira’s dream soon becomes a nightmare as she discovers the haunting journals of Roland’s late wife, Melanie. As secrets unfold, Samira’s trust in her husband erodes, and she finds herself in a desperate quest to uncover the truth behind Melanie’s mysterious death. Fans of Rebecca will be riveted by this tale of love, deceit, and suspense.

The House by the Cemetery by Lisa Childs

River Gold returns to her hometown of Gold Creek, Michigan, after the suspicious death of her estranged father, Gregory, the wealthy undertaker. As she confronts the ghosts of her tumultuous past at the Gold Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens, River becomes embroiled in a sinister mystery when her mother, Fiona, is accused of Gregory’s murder. Racing against time and haunted by local legends of a vengeful grave digger, River must navigate family secrets, betrayals, and a series of chilling disappearances to uncover the truth and protect those she loves. Fans of Suspicion will know there’s nothing like a little inherited wealth to stir up worries about motive for murder.

In the Lonely Hours by Shannon Morgan

In this haunting modern ghost story set on a remote Scottish island, Edwina Nunn and her teenage daughter, Neve, inherit the centuries-old Maundrell Castle, only to discover it is haunted by a tragic past. As they explore the castle’s austere beauty and confront the many spirits trapped within its walls, they become entangled in a chilling mystery involving a long-lost diamond and the family’s dark history. With Samhain approaching, Edie and Neve must unravel the secrets of the Maundrell family before they become part of the castle’s eerie legacy themselves. Fans of The Uninvited will know that acquiring a waterfront manor a little too cheaply may come with hidden strings…