Nonfiction Reads for Movie Buffs

Are you trying to add some nonfiction books to your November reading list? Do you also love movies and everything about them? Then, get that popcorn popped and settle in for these books that explore the behind-the-scenes and more of some cinemas most iconic movies!

Say Hello to My Little Friend by Nat Segaloff

Filled with behind-the-scenes anecdotes, untold tales from Old and New Hollywood, and sixteen pages of eye-popping photos, Say Hello to My Little Friend is the ultimate guide to everything Scarface.

The Exorcist Legacy by Nat Segaloff

The Exorcist Legacy reveals the complete story of this cultural phenomenon, from the real-life exorcism in 1949 Maryland that inspired William Peter Blatty’s bestselling novel on which the movie is based, to its many sequels, prequels, TV series, and homages.

The Way They Were by Robert Hofler

This intriguing and impeccably researched book is the first ever account of the making of the classic film starring Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford, revealing the full story behind its genesis and continued controversies, its many deleted scenes, its much-anticipated but never-filmed sequel, and the real-life romance that inspired this groundbreaking love story.

Killin’ Generals by Dwayne Epstein

An inside look at The Dirty Dozen, the star-studded war film that broke the rules, shocked the critics, thrilled audiences, and became an all-time classic.

Elizabeth and Monty by Charles Casillo

Far more than the story of two icons, this is a unique and extraordinary love story that shines new light on both stars, revealing their triumphs, demons—and the loyalty that united them to the end.