Never Dare A Wicked Earl by Renee Ann Miller

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Infamous Lords Series where every scoundrel has his secrets. The series is about three noblemen whose lives have been derailed by events from their pasts. In the first book, Never Dare a Wicked Earl, you’ll meet Lord Hayden Westfield, a man unable to move beyond the mistakes he has made, and Sophia Camden, who wishes to change the law that excludes women from becoming physicians. They meet after Hayden is shot by an ex-mistress, and Sophia is hired to care for him.

Immediately they clash, and Hayden fires her. So, Sophia dares him to allow her ten days to prove her competency. Hayden turns the tables on her and adds a bet to the dare. If she lasts the ten days, he’ll pay her a sizable wage, but if she resigns, she’ll owe him a forfeit.

Positive she can handle whatever nonsense his lordship throws her way, Sophia accepts. A battle of wills begins, along with an undeniable attraction. However, the guilt that haunts Hayden, along with Sophia’s inability to trust him, will make their road to a happily-ever-after a rocky journey.

The second book in this series, Never Deceive a Viscount, will be available May 29, 2018, and is the story of Hayden’s good friend Lord Simon Adler and Emma Trafford, a struggling portraitist.

When Emma’s precocious sister believes their new neighbor, Simon, is involved in a murder, her sleuthing turns Emma’s life upside down, leaving her mixed up in a web of lies and involved in a game of cat and mouse with Simon.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, and I hope you enjoy Sophia and Hayden’s story.

Best wishes for health, happiness, and enjoyable reads in 2018,
Renee Ann Miller

They are the infamous lords, unrepentant rogues whose bad behavior makes for good gossip among the ton. But these sexy scoundrels have stories no one knows. And it takes a special touch to reveal the true hearts behind their devilish disguises . . .

Known as a brazen philanderer, Hayden Milton, Earl of Westfield, is almost done in by a vengeful mistress who aims a gun at a rather essential part of his anatomy—but ends up wounding his thigh instead. Recuperating in his London townhouse, Hayden is confronted by his new medical attendant. Sophia Camden intrigues him, for behind her starched uniform is an enticing beauty better suited for bedding than dispensing salves and changing bandages.

Unshaken by his arrogance, not to mention impropriety, Sophia offers Hayden a dare: allow her ten days to prove her competency. If she resigns in exasperation like her two predecessors, she will be beholden to this wicked seducer. As a battle of wills begins, Sophia finds herself distracted by the earl’s muscular physique . . . and discovers that the man within longs only for a second chance to love.