Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense Books for Black History Month

This February, immerse yourself in the captivating world of mystery and suspense with these thrilling novels by Black authors. From cozy whodunits to heart-racing thrillers, these books are guaranteed to keep you hooked from the first page to the last.

Volunteer firefighter Alayna Curry’s future—and life—could go up in smoke if her involvement in an arson scheme is discovered. Killer plot twists, merciless characters, and a resilient woman forced to make tough decisions in the name of survival will have you burning through the pages . . .

When Maddy Montgomery’s groom is a no-show to their livestreamed #WeddingOfTheCentury, it’s a disaster that no amount of filtering can fix. But a surprise inheritance offers a chance to regroup and rebrand in this fast-paced, quirky, fresh read.

In a smart, sexy spin-off from The Unconditional Series, Briana Cole continues to explore unconventional relationships and question all assumptions about love, lust, and monogamy in this tantalizing drama that takes the “what if” of a free pass to a whole new level.

An insidiously sexy and twisty novel of seduction, betrayal, and obsession from New York Times bestselling author Shanora Williams. How far will Adira’s obsession take her—and how much of herself is she willing to lose in the process . . .

With gripping storytelling and authentic characters, the first in Tracy Clark’s Chicago Mystery series will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

When a young realtor is suddenly killed in a  hit-and-run, Odessa must wade through a legion of lies to find the hidden killer…with a little help from  her spirited aunt, loyal co-workers, mischievous cat Juniper and her own psychic skills.