Mood Reader: Summer Edition

For some summer is the best time of the year, a season of sun, sand, cookouts, and partying. For others it is the season you try to get through as soon as possible to get to the glorious and chilly fall. Whichever person you are, we’ve got a book to keep your vibe going.

Spooky Girl Summer

The Woman in the Castello by Kelsey James

Get lost in the magnificent but crumbling medieval castle just outside of 1960s Rome where a horror movie has just started production on “The Revenge of the Lake Witch.” Silvia, whose aunt owns the grand ruin has been cast as the lead and immerses herself in the role, but when strange things begin happening around the castle she begins to feel as though she’s not just playing a role in a horror movie, she’s living it. No one else on set feels the unease she does, even after her aunt goes missing, left feeling paranoid and afraid Silvia will investigate, unearthing dark family secrets and the mysteries of this haunting estate.

Where Ivy Dares to Grow by Marielle Thompson

Visiting the ancestral home of her fiancé, Saoirse Read is made to feel unwelcome by his imposing family. Treading carefully through the forbidding gothic corridors of Langdon Hall, an intimidating edifice buttressed on a tall cliff, Saoirse’s hopes to be rid of the unwelcoming people around her are answered when she is swept back to the 19th century, and in this time it is not just the overgrown gardens and cracking walls that have changed, she is greeted in this time by a charming man she suspects is her present day fiancé’s ancestor. As the distinction between past and present begins to warp Saoirse starts to doubt her own perception, what belongs to which time, what is real and what is false, and what is her place in it all?

Her Little Flowers by Shannon Morgan

Francine Thwaite has always seen ghosts, the Elizabethan manor she has lived in her whole life has plenty, and after decades of living in England’s lush Lake District she has become used to their presence. Her abundant garden and extensive knowledge of flower language and plant lore keeps the good ghosts around and the bad ones exiled. That is until her estranged sister returns with a bloodcurdling tale of family secrets long buried. With these truths unearthed and dangerous forces awakened, Francine will have to rethink all she though she knew and her life will change forever…

Beach Bunny Season

The First Date Prophecy by Danny and Kate Tamberelli

Written by a real-life husband and wife who took inspiration from their own love story this nostalgia-filled romcom is a must read for all 90s kids! Lucy came to New York to fulfill her dreams of being a writer, years later the closest she has come is working as an assistant to more successful writers. As a kid Rudy Riziero was the co-star of a popular kids show with his brother, now his brother is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood while he works an inconsistent string of comedy and music gigs. After matching on a dating app Lucy and Rudy have what is possibly the worst first date ever when a psychic predicts they will find either greatness or ruin with each other, and promptly dies in front of them. Left to figure out what to do with this intimidating prophecy will Lucy and Rudy make it, or go out in flames?

Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn

As a longtime personal assistant Georgie can fix any problem for her employer without breaking a sweat and fulfil their needs before they voice them, but when an unexpected change sends Georgie back to her hometown she is left with the startling realization that she can’t do the same for herself. But when comes across a “friendfic” diary she write as a teenager she finds a treasure trove of hopes and dreams she had forgotten. Determined to rediscover what she wants Georgie sets out to accomplish the goals in the diary, dragging her new roommate, Levi, (former town troublemaker and current town hermit) along for the ride with her.

In the Case of Heartbreak by Courtney Kae

Sandy California beaches, a refreshing coastal breeze, and the perfect cinnamon rolls are just a few of the ingredients that make this frothy summer romcom the perfect beach read. Pastry chef Ben has been in love with his neighbor, Adam, the local mechanic and musician, for years. If only someone would let Adam know. Determined to stop giving in to fear Ben decides to enter a national baking competition, but when everything starts to feel like it’s crashing down around him, will he be able to finally be honest and brave?

Summer Camp Tall Tale Tellers

The Camp by Nancy Bush

A terrifying modern take on 80s slasher films, a summer camp in the woods of Oregon is about to become home again to the campers that stayed there 20 years ago as kids, but this summer how many will make it out alive? A horrifying death occurred the last time these campers set foot in these woods, a death some believe was a murder and others a suicide. Only a few know the truth, but cane they rely on each other when the lights go out, or is it every man for himself?

The Last Sinner Lisa Jackson

This suspenseful new addition to the Bentz/Montoya series finds the detectives in familiar territory they never wanted to retread. A string of murders is terrorizing the Big Easy, murders that fit all the hallmarks of Father John, a serial killer Bentz and Montoya took down years ago. He died years ago, or so everyone thought. Are these newest deaths the work of a copycat, or is it true that evil never dies?

The Other Mistress by Shanora Williams

Adira Cortez-Smith has it all, a successful career and a loving husband, Gabriel, but he has more…Adira thought she could live with the knowledge that her husband had a mistress, until she learned he had two. Falling into a jealous rage Adira cooks up a plan, to befriend her husband’s mistress under false pretenses and learn how to win him back. But when the lies start to add up and suspicion grows Adira will learn just how far she is willing to go for love…