Meet The Author: Anabelle Bryant

Stepping Outside the Ballroom…Because Rules Were Made to be Broken…

  • A proper lady must always stand up straight.  
    • A woman’s posture should be adaptable to situation and circumstances, at the ready to crouch low, spring fast, execute a high kick or leap to an adjacent rooftop.
  • Adopt courteous dignity when involved in social discourse. Never laugh loudly or raise your voice.
    • Don’t underestimate the power of a sharp whistle or distracting call across the square. Your voice is an effective weapon in your arsenal.
  • Never allow yourself to be alone in the company of a gentleman.
    • Gain control of the situation. Corner the enemy and cut him off from others whenever possible.
  • Always wait to be introduced to someone.
    • Never reveal your real name. An alias adds to useful confusion.
  • Keep your hands folded or neatly at your sides.
    • Hands are an effective weapon. Use them wisely.
  • Reputation is everything. A woman should be regarded with admiration.
    • Reputation is everything. A Maiden of Mayhem should be regarded with caution.
  • A lady doesn’t keep secrets.
    • Never betray the sisterhood. Discretion is your lifeline.