Meet Miss Cassandra Isles

By Sabrina Jeffries

Miss Cassandra Isles in her own words:

Some would say I’m fortunate my aunt and uncle took me in when I was orphaned, and they would be right. Or I’m blessed to have two cousins as kind as my dear Kitty and Douglas, and that would be true as well. But if they say I am also lucky to have a large dowry, I would beg to differ. Kitty has one, and it has brought her nothing but grief—with fortune-hunters hovering around, trying to get at her like dogs sniffing a poor hare.

I refuse to take part in such a mad game. I shall pick my husband before he hunts me, and then surprise him with knowledge of my dowry once he falls madly in love with me. That was my plan, anyway, for the handsome and witty Colonel Lord Heywood…until he abducted me and my cousin. He claimed it was an intervention to keep that dreadful Lieutenant Malet away from Kitty. While that may be true, I shall protect Kitty to the full to make sure the naïve woman doesn’t fall for the colonel instead.

I am too clever to fall for the likes of the colonel, even if he kisses quite well (and gives lovely compliments to boot). Because I shall not become entangled with a fortune hunter, no matter how noble of character he is otherwise. A woman must have her standards, after all.

For fans of holiday romance magic steal away with the reigning queens of Regency romance–plus one or two dukes, an heiress, and a headstrong beauty–to a surprise snow storm, the comfort of a blazing fire, and the heat of a lover’s kisses. This collection of novellas is not to be missed.

A Christmas Abduction by Madeline Hunter
Caroline Dunham has a bone to pick with notorious rake Baron Thornhill–and a creative plan to insure his undivided attention. Yet once in close quarters, she finds herself beholden to their smoldering connection…

A Perfect Match by Sabrina Jeffries
Whisked away from a wintry ball by a commanding colonel, Cassandra Isles struggles with her feelings for Lord Heywood. For he is a man sworn to marry only for money–and Cass is an heiress who will accept nothing less than love…

One Wicked Winter’s Night by Mary Jo Putney
Dressed as a veiled princess, Lady Diana Lawrence is shocked to discover that the mysterious corsair who tempts her away from the costume ball is the duke she once loved and lost. Now ensconced with Castleton at a remote lodge, will she surrender to the passion still burning hotly between them?