Meet Angie Turner!

The following is a letter from Angie Turner, the intrepid sleuth at the heart of Lynn Cahoon’s HAVE A DEADLY NEW YEAR!


Hi, I’m Angie Turner, co-owner and head chef of The County Seat. We’re located in River Vista, just a few minutes from Boise. And the best thing? We’ll deliver your NYE’s party trays first thing that morning so you can warm up and have them ready for your party at a fraction of the cost of having your party fully catered.

As a farm to fork restaurant, we’re in the business of making healthy and fresh food that you can be proud to serve to your guests. Especially with the claim that we use all local ingredients. Your guests will appreciate the Idaho based food as well as the amazing tastes.

From trout and prime rib bites to a large array of comfort food soups with fresh bread, you can determine your menu and work with any food allergies or special diet requests you might have.  All we ask is you order your menu before December 15th because, like you, we have families and friends to entertain during the holidays as well.

Want to check out our menu? Stop by the restaurant or sign up for one of our cooking classes. You won’t regret driving out to River Vista for the experience.

Happy Holidays!

Angie, Felicia, and the County Seat Crew.


Have A Deadly New Year by Lynn CahoonChef Angie Turner of The County Seat—Idaho’s finest farm-to-table restaurant—is preparing a private dinner in the mountains during ski season, but the trip’s about to go downhill . . .

It’s a rockin’ New Year for Angie and her crew as they cater a bash for a famous band—and as a bonus, they’ll get to stay at the singer’s Sun Valley house for a whole week once the party’s over. But there are hints of discord, and the event hits a sour note when one of the musicians is found with a drumstick in his chest.

Is this a case of creative differences turned lethal or is there another motive at play? Angie’s jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire as she and her fellow foodies try to solve the case before the killer comes out for an encore . . .