May New Reads

We’re so excited to share our incredible lineup of new books with you for May! Whether you’re a fan of heart-stopping thrillers, swoon-worthy Regency romances, or immersive historical fiction, we’ve got something special in store for you. Prepare to embark on unforgettable literary journeys that will transport you to worlds of excitement, passion, and intrigue.

Her Soul For Revenge by Harley Laroux

To get revenge, she’ll need a demon. To get his help, she’ll promise him anything.

Explore the darker side of desire and human nature in this edgy, intense, searingly sexy, dark paranormal romance from Tiktok phenom Harley Laroux – now with bonus content for fans of Scarlett St. Clair, Katee Robert, and Laura Thalassa.

Under the Paper Moon by Shaina Steinberg

Kate Quinn’s The Rose Code meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith in this intrigue-filled debut, as two former spies who shared more than just missions during WWII reunite in 1948 Los Angeles. Can they let go of heartbreak long enough to team up for one last operation in this tightly-plotted, emotionally rich postwar mystery?

Earls Trip by Jenny Holiday

Ted Lasso meets Bridgerton for a 19th century spin on The Hangover in USA Today bestselling author Jenny Holiday’s laugh-out-loud bromantic comedy featuring three Regency-era Earls on their annual trip – ride-or-die buddies offering one another unconditional support in everything from Lady problems to family woes.

Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea

Ten years after she was exonerated for murdering her entire family, the girl the tabloids called “Empty Eyes” is the only one looking for the truth in this propulsive thriller from internationally bestselling author Charlie Donlea.

A Murder Most French by Colleen Cambridge

The City of Light is surging back to life in the wake of war, and its citizens are seizing every opportunity to raise a glass or share a delicious meal. But as American ex-pat Tabitha Knight and chef-in-training Julia Child discover, celebrations can quickly go awry when someone has murder in mind…

The Flower Sisters by Michelle Collins Anderson

Drawing on the little-known true story of one tragic night at an Ozarks dance hall in the author’s Missouri hometown, this beautifully written, endearingly nostalgic novel picks up 50 years later for a folksy, character-driven portrayal of small-town life, split second decisions, and the ways family secrets reverberate through generations.