Who We Are

Hello there! I'm Matt Johnson, the Associate Director of Indie & Library Marketing at
Kensington, and I want to welcome you to Kensington's Library Marketing Website. Our goal
here is to provide you with all the resources and material information you need to learn about
our titles, authors, and programs. As you peruse the site, you’ll find a broad range of genres:
Historical Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/Thriller, and more. We’re proud to publish a
diverse group of authors, as well, and if you have a contingent of cozy mystery fans at your
library, I encourage you to check out our Cozy Card program and consider signing up your
branch. You can do both by visiting:

If you haven't already, please consider signing up for our librarians-only monthly e-newsletter,
Branching Out, which offers information on select titles and access to print and digital ARCs. It’s
also a space to make event requests, and is where you will find updates on all things
Kensington. You can sign up here.

If you’d like a particular ARC or you’re interested in hosting an author visit, feel free to contact
me at MJohnson@KensingtonBooks.com, and I can put you in touch with the relevant
campaign manager. Otherwise, you can find names and contact info for my colleagues below,
as well as their roles and the kinds of titles they generally handle.


Matt Johnson, Associate Director, Independent Bookstore & Library Marketing

Kensington Staff involved with Library Outreach

Larissa Ackerman, Cozy Mysteries, Historical Mysteries, Suspense, Crime Fiction: LAckerman@kensingtonbooks.com

  • Cozy Mysteries, Historical Mysteries, Suspense, Crime Fiction


Michelle Addo, Senior Communications Manager: MAddo@kensingtonbooks.com

  • Issue-driven Fiction, BIPOC authors, LGBTQ+ titles, Dafina


Vida Engstrand, Director of Communications: VEngstrand@Kensingtonbooks.com

  • Historical Fiction, Westerns, Suspense/Thrillers, Select Lead Authors


Jane Nutter, Communications Manager: JNutter@kensingtonbooks.com

  • Romance, Women’s Fiction


Ann Pryor, Senior Communications Manager: APryor@Kensingtonbooks.com

  • Citadel Press, Non-Fiction, Select Thrillers, Animal-related Fiction


Matt Johnson, Associate Director, Independent Bookstore & Library Marketing: MJohnson@kensingtonbooks.com


Alexandra Nicolajsen, Director of Social Media & Digital Sales: ANicolajsen@Kensingtonbooks.com