Let Your Favorite Flower Pick Your Next Amazing Read

Her Little Flowers by Shannon Morgan

This bewitchingly atmospheric modern ghost story set in the lush hills of England’s Lake District is
perfect for lovers of anemones, a flower symbolizing undying love, eternal peace, and being forsaken.
Francis Thwaite has lived in her family’s ancestral home for 55 years, and has spent that time getting to
know the ghosts that haunt the property. But when her sister returns with a story of the past that
shakes everything Francine believes it will open new perspectives not just on Francine’s own history but
on the ghosts themselves, and perhaps how some of these forsaken spirits can find their own peace, and
the undying love that lives in families across time.

The Other Mistress by Shanora Williams

Fans of the narcissus will be interested to know this flower represents unrequited love and selfishness,
the perfect choice for a novel about a husband with multiple affairs and a wife who has had enough.
Adira is a self-made millionaire who adores her husband, her life would be perfect if he felt the same
way. When she learns about his second mistress she can endure it no longer and creates a secret
identity in order to befriend his mistress and destroy their relationship. But when what she thought was
the perfect plan spirals out of her control, Adira may lose more than she ever thought possible.

Where Ivy Dares to Grow by Marielle Thompson

The dependance, endurance, and faithfulness characteristic of ivy pair interestingly with this
mesmerizing time slip debut. When Saoirse travels to the ancestral home of her fiancé, the ancient walls
of which have endured for centuries, she is isolated with his cruel family and left questioning the
decisions that landed her here. That is, until she finds herself in a much more welcoming version of
Langdon Hall when she finds herself transported back to 1818 and comes across a charming man, her
present day fiance’s ancestor. Saoirse’s journey to the past will make her rethink everything, including if
she has become too dependent on her fiancé and what future she wants for herself.

The Woman in the Castello by Kelsey James

The lobelia flower is a symbol of malevolence, making it the perfect pair to this terrifying story. Set in
Rome in 1965 Silvia, an aspiring actress, is left adrift when the movie she was cast in is canceled. After
deciding to contact an Italian aunt she has never met she gets the chance to star in a horror movie that
has chosen her aunt’s grand but crumbling castello as its set. When her aunt vanishes Silvia is the only
one who is worried, but when she goes searching for answers she triggers a chain if events that
illuminates dark secrets, and a growing menace…

You Can Die by Rebecca Zanetti

The globe amaranth, symbol of immortal love is a twisted pairing for this terrifying thriller set in the
snowy Pacific Northwest, in which Laurel Snow is investigating a serial killer targeting men, and leaving
each one with a candy valentine heart stuck down their throat. These men all have sterling reputations,
but are hiding dark secrets. Laurel has her hands full investigating this case and sorting out family
problems when Huck Rivers, the Fish and Wildlife Captain aiding her in her investigation, finds himself
the next target of the killer…