Learn Everyday Irish Dialect with Carlene O’Connor

Cork, Ireland: Siobhán O’Sullivan ran the family’s welcoming spot, Natalie’s Bistro, without a hitch until a strange man is found dead the next morning. Who was he? What could Siobhán say to unravel the mystery?

Follow Siobhán’s heritage and inherit new lingos and phrases.

Craic: Pronounced “crack”, the traditional Irish word means fun, or having a good time. Phrased as, “What’s the craic?” it means, “What’s up?”

Doing my messages: Means errands, but usually reserved for food shopping.

Pint of the black stuff: A pint of Guinness!

Garda, Gardai: The police force, known as “An Garda Síochána”. Garda is one guard, whereas Gardai are two and more.

Black and white pudding: Traditional Irish sausages made out of pork, suet, oatmeal, and blood.

Chipper: Name for an Irish fish and chips shop.


About the Book

In the small village of Kilbane, County Cork, Ireland, Natalie’s Bistro has always been a warm and welcoming spot to visit with neighbors, enjoy some brown bread and tea, and get the local gossip. Nowadays twenty-two-year-old Siobhán O’Sullivan runs the family bistro named for her mother, along with her five siblings, after the death of their parents in a car crash almost a year ago.

It’s been a rough year for the O’Sullivans, but it’s about to get rougher. One morning, as they’re opening the bistro, they discover a man seated at a table, dressed in a suit as if for his own funeral, a pair of hot pink barber scissors protruding from his chest.

With the local garda suspecting the O’Sullivans, and their business in danger of being shunned–murder tends to spoil the appetite–it’s up to feisty redheaded Siobhán to solve the crime and save her beloved brood.

CarleneOConnor_smAbout the Author

Carlene O’Connor comes from a long line of Irish storytellers. Her great-grandmother emigrated from Ireland to America during the Troubles, and the stories have been flowing ever since. Of all the places across the pond she’s wandered, she fell most in love with a walled town in County Limerick and was inspired to create the town of Kilbane, County Cork. Carlene currently divides her time between New York and the Emerald Isle.