Learn A New Perspective – Amish Culture – Emma Miller

New Year, New You, Learn a New Perspective – Amish Culture
Plain Killing
Emma Miller

“Your world is too fast, Rachel. Not enough time for silence. Not only do driving horses and mules give us years of faithful service, as well as good fertilizer for our gardens and fields, but they give us time to think.”


While swimming in a local quarry Rachel and her cousin discover the body of an Amish girl floating facedown in the water. The strangled young woman, Beth Glick, had left her Old Order Amish life in Pennsylvania a year ago, causing her to be shunned by her family and her people. But if Beth joined the English world, why was she found dressed in Amish clothing? Rachel’s boyfriend, police detective Evan Park, is getting nowhere questioning Beth’s family. He’s also troubled over the fate of three other girls who left Stone Mill in the last two years. Rachel has to use her ties between the two communities to learn more. . .


– Amish sing hymns from the AUSBAND, a traditional book that is over 400 years old.

– Amish weddings usually take place from October to December, after the autumn harvest. Traditionally they take place on Tuesday and Thursdays.

– Amish schools teach both German & English, last only through 8th grade, and there is no option to attend modern public school, or attended higher education courses. The Supreme Court ruled in 1972 that the Amish could not be forced to attend high school.

– Many Amish communities have community phones, and is a phone shared by several families. The phone is only used for business purposes, and never personal.

– The Amish prefer to not be photographed.



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