Kensington Craft Off! Claire H.

Winter Luminary:

Set the mood at your next holiday party, or just around the house, with a Winter Luminary! This is a fast and easy decoration that can help use up some of the things you might have cluttering your cabinets.

I made a little snow topped winter village scene for the Kensington Craft Off, but you can decorate yours with anything you’d like.



  • Glass jar (Repurpose ones you might have with missing lids in the house)
  • Clip art: Make sure it’s long enough to wrap completely around your jar
  • Tape
  • Black marker or paint
  • White paint
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Fairy lights or tea lights



  1. Print out your clip art and tape it to the inside of the jar (art facing out)
  2. Trace the outlines of the art with your pen/marker
  3. Paint in the traced outlines with your black (or dark) paint and let it dry (you can remove the art from inside the jar at this point)
  4. Once the black paint is dry add clouds of white paint around the rim of your jar. If a little slips or drips onto your wintery scene it’s fine—now you have some extra snow! (Optional: Add glitter to the white paint)
  5. After all of the paint is dry you can add fairy lights or tea lights to the inside for a shadow-lantern effect.
  6. Curl up next to your luminary with a blanket and start reading!




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