Jill Gardner’s Mother’s Day Guide

Coffee, Books, and More store owner and intrepid amateur sleuth Jill Gardner has your go-to guide for making Mother’s Day special.

As owner of Coffee, Books, and More, I’m always asked about appropriate gifts for Mother’s Day. I find out a lot about my customers and their family in the process. It’s not that I’m nosy, it’s just you need to know the woman a little, before you can suggest a gift.

That being said, I hope this list helps you think about what the perfect gift for your mother could be.

Book themed ideas…

  • Pay her favorite author to use her name as a character in an upcoming book
  • Make a scrapbook of family pictures
  • Take her to your favorite bookstore for an afternoon of book shopping and coffee
  • Buy her a brand-new box of crayons (64 or more) and a coloring book
  • Buy her an e-reader with a gift card for books

Activity gifts…

  • Tickets to a concert
  • Weekend at South Cove’s Bed and Breakfast
  • Spa package for two
  • Mother-Daughter trip
  • A promise of time


  • A mother’s ring
  • A photo bracelet
  • A cover bracelet with her favorite book series

From your heart…

  • Trip to the nursery to pick out new plants – and an afternoon of planting
  • Cleaning her flower beds
  • Something homemade
  • Help with her pets – Grooming day – Trip to Vet…
  • Relive a childhood memory
  • Name a star or foster an African or zoo animal

Food related (my favorite gifts…)

  • Dinner out – her choice
  • Chocolate
  • Tea Party at a place like Tea Hee
  • Subscription box or fruit of the month


These are some of my favorite ideas to suggest. I hope they got you thinking about what would be the best gift you could give the woman who raised you.

Happy Mother’s Day, all!

Jill Gardner