If You Like That Try This: Hallmark Holiday Movie Edition

For lovers of Hallmark holiday movies, take heart, I have done the work and have for you a match up of which Christmas novels to read based on your favorite movie this year!

“Round and Round” and Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains

Set against the backdrop of Snow Haven, North Carolina, Diana Merriman grapples with the tragedy of her fiancé’s critical accident. Discovering a snow globe that inexplicably sends her back to the day Linus got hurt, Diana finds herself caught in a loop, experiencing various scenarios of that fateful day. As she navigates this second chance, she uncovers profound truths about herself and her relationships. Fans of the festive Hannukah time loop movie “Round and Round” will adore this holiday romance and learn that when it comes to appreciating the things around you sometimes all you need is a little time.

“Santa Summit” and Santa and Company by Fern Michaels

Four lifelong friends, Amy, Frankie, Rachael, and Nina, reunite at a scenic ski lodge for a memorable Christmas adventure. Set against the picturesque winter landscape, the getaway takes an unexpected turn when Frankie finds herself in a predicament, only to be rescued by a reclusive local. As they navigate chance encounters and past connections, Rachael and Amy work their holiday magic, aiming to mend old bonds. Fans of the Hallmark Channel’s “Santa Summit” will relish this heartening celebration of friendship and the joys of the holiday season packed with plenty of festive hijinks.

“Letters to Santa” and The Sound of Sleighbells by Janet Dailey

Ruth McCoy seeks to replace painful memories with new holiday traditions following her divorce. When fate reunites her with Judd Rankin, a man from her past, unexpected feelings resurface. As Judd helps Ruth and her son prepare for the holidays, their connection grows stronger. However, Ruth harbors a secret that could change everything. Fans of “Letters to Santa” will relish this Texas-sized love story about the importance of family during the holidays.

“Mystery on Mistletoe Lane” and Death by Peppermint Cappuccino by Alex Erickson

Krissy Hancock is reveling in the holiday cheer, accompanied by the blossoming romance with Officer Paul Dalton and the success of her café’s new seasonal drink. But the town’s festivities take a grim turn when a shop owner, known for his exploitative practices, is found dead. As the holiday spirit crashes Krissy is determined to solve the case and ensure that Christmas in Pine Hills isn’t marred by a sinister presence. Fans of “Mystery on Mistletoe Lane” are bound to enjoy the intrigue and charm of this small town holiday mystery tale.

“Flipping for Christmas” and Snowball Unwrapped by Kristen McKanagh

Jocelyn Becker steps into her twin sister’s shoes to host a Christmas-themed TV show at a picturesque Victorian inn and shops. Despite her lack of skills, she navigates the chaos with the mischievous Snowball, the inn’s feline mascot. As Jocelyn tries to pull off her sister’s talents, sparks fly between her and her co-host, Ben. With Snowball stirring up mayhem and matchmaking magic, this cozy tale, reminiscent of the Hallmark movie “Flipping for Christmas,” unwraps a heartwarming holiday romance against the backdrop of a charming B&B adorned for Christmas and perfect for fans of a little home improvement!

“Never Been Chris’d” and Coming Home for Christmas by Kate Pearce

When B&B owner Lucy Smith finds herself snowed in with her high-school crush, cowboy Caleb Erickson, during the holiday season, sparks fly amidst the wintry magic. As they navigate the snowstorm’s unexpected closeness, old sparks are rekindled, and new romantic possibilities emerge. For fans of heartwarming holiday romance akin to the Hallmark movie “Never Been Chris’d,” this tale of rediscovered connections and Christmas romance promises a delightful journey into love and festive enchantment.