I Am a Rolling Stone by Mia Marlowe

I was bitten by the travel bug early in life. It started with the summertime trips to my grandparents’ cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. Those long, lazy days of swimming in the sparkling water, fishing for bluegills off the dock, and staying up late to do jigsaw puzzles with my grandma are some of the sweetest memories of my childhood.  Then later, my parents got a pull-behind camper and we set off to explore the American west.

I became addicted to seeing new places. I even willingly gave up my senior prom to visit Washington, DC and New York City. (Side note: I’m no longer with the guy I ditched back then, but we’re probably both better off.) The man I eventually married became travel IT expert, so in addition to having a great husband, I was able to feed my wanderlust! With his flight benefits, we took our kids on trips we’d never have been able to afford otherwise.

Now the kids are grown and gone. My DH is retired, and we’re still exploring new places, but now instead of flying, we pull our camper or go on cruises. We prefer these modes of travel because I was diagnosed with NSIP, a lung condition, in 2010 and have to lug a bunch of medical equipment with me. It’s easier to unpack just once instead of trying to live out of a suitcase. But I don’t let my health limitations stop me. In fact, we just got home from 94 day cruise all the way around the world! (If you’d like to hear more about that adventure, check out http://www.roundtheworldwriter.blogspot.com!)

My heroine in THE SINGULAR MR.SINCLAIR shares my love of the exotic. In fact, I introduce her with a snippet from her diary:

Is there a more alluring sight in all the world than the sun rising over an unknown sea?

~from the diary of Lady Caroline Lovell, only daughter of the Earl of Chatham, who has never in her life set foot on a water craft larger than a row boat.

As you can see, Lady Caroline has a good imagination. How about you? Do you like to travel? What’s your favorite place to visit? (Keep in mind this can be somewhere you’ve actually been or someplace you’ve traveled to by reading a good book!)

Lord and Lady Chatham were blessed with five sons and only one daughter. But when it comes to Caroline, one is more than enough . . .

Caroline is about to embark on her third Season and her parents fear she’ll be permanently on the shelf if she fails to make a match this time. Unfortunately for them, that is precisely what Caroline wants! Curious and adventuresome, Caroline longs for a life of travel, excitement, and perhaps even a touch of danger . . .

If only she can remain unmarried until she turns twenty-one, Caroline will inherit her grandmother’s bequest and gain her freedom. It’s not a staggering amount, but it’s enough to fund her dreams without a husband’s permission. She has her future all planned out—until Lawrence Sinclair appears on the scene . . .

Intense, intriguing, and handsome, the man reminds Caroline of a caged lion. In fact, the more she knows of him, the more questions she has. And when she learns how dangerous he really is, he may just become her new fascination—the one she can’t resist . . .

“Mia Marlowe is the mistress of saucy historical romances.” —Books Monthly

“Mia Marlow is a rising star!” –New York Times Bestseller Connie Mason

“Mia Marlowe proves she has the ‘touch’ for strong heroines, wickedly sexy heroes!” –Jennifer Ashley, USA Today bestselling author of Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage

“Her three-dimensional characters truly steal reader’s hearts and keep the pages flying.” –Kathe Robin

“A delightful Regency romance, full of passion, humor, and love.” —USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Quinn