How to Pack for an Extended Trip by Marie Bostwick

Over the years, I have done a lot of traveling to promote my books, going on tours that have sometimes kept me on the road month long stretches and more. How do you pack for a trip like that? Or for any extended journey, whether it be a tour of Europe, a world cruise, a lengthy business trip?

With a little advance planning, it can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Start with ONE suitcase.  For such a long journey, you’re going to need a sturdy, medium-sized suitcase.  Mine measures 25 inches.  With a little advance planning, I find it large enough to carry everything I’ll need to be comfortable and look good over my month long book tour.  A suitcase with wheels that will turn in a 360 degree radius and can push ahead or roll along beside you, sometimes called “spinner luggage” is a smart investment, as I learned a three years ago when I tore my rotator cuff after several weeks of dragging a heavy suitcase behind me.

Once you’ve got the right suitcase, decide on TWO basic clothing colors that work well together and will form the basis of your wardrobe.  For my 2014 book tour, I chose navy blue and raspberry. In past years I’ve used combinations of black and red, black and cobalt, and chocolate and cream.  Dressing in just two colors for days or weeks at a time might sound boring but you’ll be able to add variety and create dozens of different looks by mixing and matching basic pieces in your two complementary colors, then bringing in additional color with accessories.

Now it’s time to pack.  Select THREE of each type of clothing item you’ll need for your journey; three dresses, three tops, three pairs of pants, and three pairs of shoes in your two basic colors or complementary neutrals such as white, cream, or beige.  Keeping your clothing to mostly solid colors or fairly simple patterns will give you more options for mixing and matching.  Bring along jewelry and colorful scarves that bring in additional colors and more striking patterns so you’ll have plenty of ways to spice up your look.

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If you stick with the three of each item rule for clothing, you should still have plenty of room for underwear, stockings, pajamas, and cosmetics.  Because my journeys take me to many different regions and climates, I also pack a pullover sweater, a jean jacket, and a travel umbrella.

Laundry and ironing facilities can be uncertain during extended trips, so packing no or low-iron clothing is a good idea.  Lightweight, all-weather knits are also smart choices for a long journey, If you put them on a hanger and hang them on a bathroom hook or towel rod during your morning shower, you’ll find that most wrinkles steam out without ironing.   Keep a laundry pen in your purse to take care of any unexpected spills or stains. Pack a few pods or pacs of detergent in a zipper top plastic bag so you can do laundry when facilities are available.

By sticking to this 1-2-3 plan, you’ll be able to travel light for days, weeks, or even a month, bringing along everything you need to feel comfortable and look great.  After I finish packing, I always weight my luggage to make sure it comes in a under the fifty pound weight limit of most commercial airlines.

Finally, before I close the lid on my luggage, I tuck in one last and absolutely essential accessory; a really terrific book.  No matter how short or long the journey, books are the best possible traveling companions.


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Marie Bostwick was born and raised in the northwest. In the three decades since her marriage, Marie and her family have moved frequently, living in eight different states at eighteen different addresses, three of them in Texas. These experiences have given Marie a unique perspective that enables her to write about people from all walks of life and corners of the country with insight and authenticity. Marie currently resides in Connecticut where she enjoys writing, spending time with family, helping out at church, gardening, collecting fabric, and stitching quilts.