How to Make a Lavender-Sage Smudging Stick by Meera Lester

Smudging is the modern term for the ancient practice of using scented smoke to cleanse, purify, and bless a place or a person’s body, mind, and spirit. The practice is found in many spiritual traditions in the world and, depending on tradition, the type of herbs and the ritual for using them varies greatly. Sage and cedar are most commonly used, but other dried herbs, may be incorporated as long they are nontoxic.

To rid a home of negative energy, for example, you might light a smudging stick and wave it in the rooms of a house. Create your own ceremony for smudging. It might include a prayer, affirmation, or a particular sequence and frequency of waving the smudging stick as it releases scented smoke. Decorate the hand-held end of the smudging stick with a string of beads, tiny bells, or feathers.

Smudging Stick Tools and Herbs

(Smudging Stick Tools and Herbs)

To make the smudging stick, you’ll need a pair of scissors and twenty-five feet of embroidery or a similar type thread. You will also need:

  • 1 cedar branch 3/16-inch in diameter and roughly 12 inches long
  • 2 eucalyptus branches with leaves, no longer than 12 inches
  • 1 cup dried sage leaves and stems
  • 8 stems and buds of dried lavender

Begin by twisting the string several times around the dried eucalyptus and cedar branches. Keep winding the string around these branches as you tightly affix the dried herbs to the sticks. Work your way upward (and back down again, if necessary to hold all the pieces in place. To finish, tie off and cut away any remaining length of string. Decorate the hand-held end of the smudging stick with a feather and string of beads (optional.)


(Finished Lavender and Sage Smudging Stick)


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