Historical Fiction Based on Real History

Step into the past with these gripping novels inspired by real historical events and figures. From daring adventures to heart-wrenching romances and minding mysteries, these captivating stories will transport you through time and leave you craving more.

The Flower Sisters by Michelle Collins Anderson

A deadly explosion at an Ozarks dance hall in 1928, inspired by the author’s real hometown tragedy, opens this riveting novel which follows Daisy Flowers as she unravels the secrets of this small Missouri town fifty years later. Sent to live with her grandmother, the town mortician, Daisy’s summer takes a turn when she discovers the mysterious explosion that left dozens dead. As she investigates, she unearths family connections and town secrets, leading to a reckoning with buried truths in a drama that blends rich historical detail with endearing characters in a poignant exploration of forgiveness and family.

The Diamond of London by Andrea Penrose

Readers will feel immersed in the captivating tale of Lady Hester Stanhope, a real life Regency heroine. Born into a prominent family, Lady Hester defied societal norms and embarked on a thrilling journey for adventure and independence. With impeccable research, Penrose vividly brings Lady Hester’s fascinating story to life, showcasing her intelligence, outspokenness, and determination as she navigated the heights of London Society, sought a passionate and equal marriage, and ultimately left a lasting legacy.

The Novelist from Berlin by V.S. Alexander

Inspired by the true story of the enigmatic Irmgard Keun, a bold female writer challenges the norms of post-WWI Berlin, this engrossing read will have book lovers hooked. Exiled for her ideas and fleeing her Nazi-supporting husband, Niki Rittenhaus fights for her art, her life, and her child in the volatile landscape of 1920s Germany. As she navigates treacherous alliances and Nazi oppression, Niki finds her voice as a novelist amidst the chaos of war-torn Europe.

Fleeing France by Alan Hlad

This gripping historical novel based on real events, follows an American nightclub singer turned ambulance driver in war-torn France. After the fall of Dunkirk, Ruth Lacroix embarks on a perilous journey to evacuate a British pilot and a Jewish orphan across more than 4,000 miles towards precarious freedom. As they navigate the dangers of Nazi-occupied territory, Ruth and her companions face sacrifice, hope, and unwavering devotion in their quest for survival.

The Medicine Woman of Galveston by Amanda Skenandore

Trapped in the tumultuous wake of the now little-known but catastrophic Texas historical event of the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, Dr. Tucia Hatherley, a former pioneering physician haunted by past tragedy, finds herself entangled in the eccentric world of a traveling medicine show. As the storm ravages the town and tensions rise, Tucia must navigate both the hostile reception of the show’s unconventional methods and the desperate need for their aid. With the threat of the hurricane looming large, Tucia’s journey becomes a test of resilience and redemption amidst chaos and devastation.

To Slip the Bonds of Earth by Amanda Flower

Katharine Wright, the real life lesser-known sister of Wilbur and Orville Wright, takes center stage as a clever sleuth in this cunning mystery. Set in 1903, as the Wright brothers make history with their flying machine in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Katharine finds herself embroiled in a different kind of adventure back home in Dayton, Ohio. When their groundbreaking plans are stolen, Katharine must navigate a web of intrigue and murder to ensure her brothers’ freedom and safeguard their legacy.