A few words about The Spectral City from the author:

Hello friends, I’m blessed by the opportunity to share excitement and anticipation for my next novel with you today, and I’m so grateful for your interest and support! Thanks for your preorder and I hope you’ll enjoy your goodie package! As you know, supporting a new series right out of the gate is the best thing you can do for an author, and all of us behind The Spectral City thank you heartily!

I’ve pitched the Spectral City series as the show “Medium” meets The Alienist (my favorite novel) and as with all my works, I strive to create an atmospheric, lyrical tale of eerie mystery full of plucky characters with tons of heart. When it comes to my books, they are a series of love stories to genre, to the Gothic aesthetic, to trope and inversion, honoring my favorite things in theme and setting, all with casts of quirky, unique characters doing their best in a difficult world.

As many of you know, each of my Gaslamp Fantasy series contain crossover characters that appear from one to the next, sweeping in and out of dark, stormy nights as they unravel ongoing paranormal conundrums. Though one needn’t be familiar with my work prior to jump in now. Welcome! Fans of my Magic Most Foul saga and my Eterna Files series will find familiar faces here in The Spectral City. Those new to my work I hope will meet new friends in these pages; people from inclusive walks of life and varied identities all working together to make positive difference in a very haunted New York City as the 19th century draws to a close.

In focusing this series on nineteen-year-old Eve Whitby, daughter of Natalie and Jonathon Whitby, Lord and Lady Denbury from my Magic Most Foul saga, I wanted to explore the life of a young woman whose best friends are her grandmother, Evelyn Northe-Stewart, and a ghost her own age. What kind of trauma might she go through if she nearly loses them both, the two souls who understand her best? I’ve always had a very strong relationship with elders and mentors in my own life, so I treasure writing and creating vital friendships, mentor bonds and I especially relish writing older women who are fierce and full of life at any age. The constant theme through all my books; that life never really ends after death, it just changes, is a concept that won’t let me go. So, I keep turning the gem of spirit to see a new facet, keep exploring the questions of the Undiscovered Country, keep shifting the lens to examine a new focus. Choosing to focus in on a small group of mediums and their loyal ghosts working for the NYPD in the last year of a tumultuous century was too tempting an adventure to pass up.

The characters in this novel came on strong for me, those who were familiar to me reasserted themselves boldly and those who I met for the very first time felt like old friends. They have continued to surprise me through this process and I’m so excited to see how it will all unfold. I can’t wait to have all of you with me on this next eerie, ghostly, mysterious journey through this country’s greatest metropolis. Cheers and as always, happy haunting!

—Leanna Renee Hieber