Herb Sachets with Meera Lester

Sachets made with common herbs such as rosemary and lavender make a wonderful alternative to stinky moth balls when you want to repel moths from the woolens in your closets.
Because we keep honeybees on the Henny Penny Farmette, we grow French perfume lavender and Spanish lavender as well as Tuscan Blue rosemary. These three herbs, with their long medicinal and culinary uses, are also known to attract bees and repel moths.
lav2To make a sweetly scented sachet for your closets or boxes of wool sweaters, gather herbs after the dew has dried in the early morning when the herbs are freshest. Cut their stems from the plant. To remove the flowers, buds, and leaves from the stem, strip them from the top of the flower down, using your forefinger and thumb. They’ll come off easily. Mix them with some shredded cinnamon stick and cedar shavings or combine with other herbs such as tansy or patchouli.  You might even want to toss in some shredded eucalyptus leaves. A potpourri bowl works well for mixing the herbs together. Simply spoon the mixture into organza bags.
Buy pre-made silk-tie organza bags for stuffing. Alternatively, cut four- to five-inch squares of organza and sew two together. You’ll stitch up three sides using a zig-zag stitch. Fill the bags and then sew the fourth side. Stitch on a ribbon loop for hanging. If you want to make the five-inch-square, hand-sewn bags even prettier, cut the organza with pinking shears for a lovely edge and trim with satin ribbon.
Hang these in your closets or tuck into storage boxes as a much nicer alternative to moth balls.