Heartwarming Winter Tales

Winter may be the coldest time of year, but it is the warmest in our hearts. That’s why these books, while filled with frosty mountain climates and dancing in chilly snowflakes, hold the sweetest and most heartfelt of stories. So whip up a double batch of hot chocolate, snuggle up by the fire, and enjoy these heartwarming winter tales.

Reasonable Adults by Robin Lefler

Deep in the snow-covered wilds of Canada, comes a tale of self-discovery and love, wrapped in the embrace of a winter wonderland. After a breakup and losing her job, Kate Rigsby escapes her big-city life to join the exclusive artists’ retreat at Treetops, expecting luxury but finding herself at a struggling resort that hasn’t seen a proper update in decades. As she navigates the challenges of a quirky crew and a tempting, off-limits coworker, Kate’s frosty surroundings warm her heart. Through humor and newfound optimism, Kate will learn that the most unpredictable detours can lead you exactly where you need to be. Snowy escapades and personal transformation await in this sparkling debut novel.

In the Event of Love by Courtney Kae

In the quaint town of Fern Falls a down on her luck event planner, Morgan Ross, retreats for the holidays. She reunites with her one-time best friend and crush, Rachel Reed, a lumberjane with a tree farm that’s the town’s last defense against corporate greed. When Morgan learns that saving the farm could rescue the whole town, she embarks on planning a magical fundraiser, setting the stage for a heartfelt tale of second chances, with acoustic guitars, cozy barns, and an icy setting that’s as chilly as the unresolved tension between her and Rachel. Holiday magic and romantic sparks collide in a Hallmark-style holiday romance, delivering a warm and festive treat that’s both sweet and spicy, perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Alexandria Bellefleur.

The Season of Second Chances by Kristina McMorris and Tammy Greenwood

Amid the twinkle of Christmas lights and the joy of the holiday season, two heartwarming tales capture the hope of new beginnings. In “The Christmas Collector,” Jenna finds herself unearthing a hidden love story from World War II. As Jenna unravels the tale of Estelle and her secret past, with a little help from Estelle’s handsome grandson, she discovers the power of love and its profound impact. In “Gifted,” two women from different generations, Alex, a young ballerina, and Simone, an elderly violinist, cross paths on a snowy New York Christmas Eve. They share their dreams, regrets, and the enduring spirit of following one’s heart. With the spirit of Christmas weaving through these stories, both novellas capture the magic of the season.

Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains

Step into a heartwarming tale of holiday magic and second chances in Snow Haven, North Carolina, where Diana Merriman is trapped in a bittersweet Groundhog Day of her own. Haunted by the accident that critically injured her fiancé Linus, Diana wakes up to the day of the accident, December 4, again and again, initially feeling cursed but eventually, and unexpectedly discovering the endless possibilities of love, healing, and the warmth of the season. This enchanting story filled with Christmas miracles is the perfect reminder that it’s never too late for a fresh start.

Santa and Company by Fern Michaels

Gather your mittens and scarves for a heartwarming winter adventure as four close friends reunite for a holiday ski trip. Set against the backdrop of a picturesque ski lodge, this tale unfolds in the snowy embrace of crisp mountain air, cozy fireside chats, and the delightful magic of a New Year’s Eve celebration. But what’s a winter getaway without a little unexpected twist? When Frankie takes a solo snowshoeing expedition and ends up injured, she’s rescued by a rugged recluse who may have more of a connection to her life than she first thought. With plenty of laughter, mishaps, and old friendships, this ski trip is the perfect recipe for holiday warmth.

Before I Go by Brian Charles

In the midst of a frigid winter, Abby Gamble navigates the chilling depths of her grief after losing her husband, Ben, in a plane crash. As she starts to rebuild her life, she crosses paths with Joel, a doctor burdened by his own past. Both wrestle with their histories and guilt. Yet, Ben is not really gone, stranded on an island he had lost all hope of rescue, until his resolve is buoyed by the arrival of his journal washed on shore amongst the debris and wreckage, a journal that recounts the dreams and hopes he and Abby once had, dreams that give him hope he can make it back to her again. This heartwarming and haunting tale of love, loss, and the ethereal bonds that endure even in winter’s icy grip will leave you both touched and thawed by its enchanting narrative.