Heartwarming Books Featuring Found Family

The “found family” trope reminds us that family isn’t always determined by blood or DNA, but also by choice. If this is one of your favorite tropes to read, we’ve complied a list of books you’ll love! Explore this collection of heartwarming and emotional stories that celebrate the beauty of found families.

FAMILIA by Lauren E. Rico

When Gabby DiMarco completes a geneaology test for research purposes, her test yields an unexpected—and baffling—result: Gabby has a sister she never knew existed. When Gabby goes to Puerto Rico to meet Isabella for the first time, their union is anything but heartfelt. As Gabby explores her birthplace, she’ll uncover shocking truths about her past and find solace in the family she’s adopted along the way.  


Albert Entwistle lives a quiet, reserved life as a postman in a small English town. But when he’s unexpectedly forced into retirement, his simple life unravels. But now, Albert is determined to seek out the happiness he’s always denied himself. As Albert embarks on an incredible new adventure, he’ll embrace his true self and find new friends that become family.

GIGI, LISTENING by Chantel Guertin

As a romance bookstore owner, Gigi Rutherford loves love stories. But when it comes to her own love life, Gigi doesn’t have much luck on the dating scene. Instead, she dreams about her favorite audiobook narrator, Zane Wilkenson. So when Gigi gets the chance to meet Zane in person on an English bus tour, she jumps at the opportunity. And as Gigi embarks on her new adventure, an eclectic group of her fellow travelers will help her discover everything she’s been searching for.


When Noah York’s mother summons him back to Oakland, New Hampshire, Noah knows he can’t refuse. But the sleepy little town Noah grew up in is full of memories he’d rather avoid, both good and bad. And when his mother delivers some shattering news, Noah will embark on an adventure to connect with the extended family he never knew existed, reunite with people from his past, and find his way back to the only truths that matter.

GEORGIE, ALL ALONG by Kate Clayborn

When Georgie leaves her hectic life in Los Angeles to return to her quiet hometown, she must confront an uncomfortable truth: Georgie’s own wants and needs have always been a blank page. But when she rediscovers a diary from her childhood, she’ll reunite with her best friend to see if fulfilling her childhood wishes will bring her one step closer to who she’s meant to be. And with a little help from the handsome town outcast, Georgie may just find a happy ending she wasn’t expecting…

THE DUELING DUCHESS by Minerva Spencer

When Cecile lost everyone she loved during the French Revolution, she never imagined she’d up and join the circus. As a markswoman in Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre, Cecile has found a new home with the other performers she’s come to regard as family. But when Cecile meets the man known as The Darling of the Ton, her life will be thrown into upheaval. And it will take a lot more than apologies to grant the handsome Darlington back into Cecile’s good graces.


Sideways Pike is a witch, lesbian, and a lifelong outsider. Nearing the bottom of West High’s social pyramid, she’s had a hard time making friends. But when three popular girls offer her forty dollars to cast a spell at their Halloween party, Sideways is swept into a new clique, and soon, a fierce and powerful coven. But Sideways will soon discover that maintaining friendships will be much more difficult than she imagined.

ROCK BOTTOM by Fern Michaels

When you’re one of the Sisterhood, you’re family. Across the world women from all walks of life are bound by friendship and years of adventure. With a loyal network of allies around the globe, the Sisterhood will not rest until every wrong is made right. So when buildings and bridges start collapsing and causing hundreds of deaths, the Sisterhood must investigate a suspicious company and blow the whistle to reveal a startling truth.