Getting Started With Composting With Staci McLaughlin

Starting a compost pile is easy! You can use the compost to fertilize the plants and flowers in your yard.

To get started, find a corner of your yard that gets partial sun and isn’t too close to any trees.

– You can start the pile directly on the ground or you can buy a build a compost bin. A good size for a compost pile is generally 4 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet.

When you create your compost pile, you’ll want a mix of wet material, such as grass clippings and food scraps, and dry material, such as small branches and dry leaves. As you add new items to your compost, turn the pile over occasionally.

If you notice your compost pile is starting to smell quite a bit, it may have too much moisture. You can turn it over more often to expose all parts of the compost to the air, or you can add more dry material to absorb the extra moisture.

Also, during the cold winter months, the compost pile will decompose much more slowly or will even stop decomposing altogether. Either you can cover the pile to keep it warm and encourage decomposition, or you can leave it uncovered and simply not compost during the colder months.

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