GEORGIE, ALL ALONG Discussion Guide

1. Early in Georgie, All Along, Georgie comes face-to-face with a former teacher who remembers her as flighty and disorganized. What do you think the teachers from your past remember about you from when you were young, and do you think they judged you fairly back then?

2. Georgie and Levi spend a lot of their time together revisiting some of Georgie’s old adolescent dreams from her teenage years. What moments from your teenage years do you wish you could relive, and why?

3. One thing Georgie struggles with in this book is the feeling that she never really knew what the “plan” for her life would be, especially because everyone around her always seemed to have goals for the future. Do you relate to this about Georgie? Do you think our society places too much emphasis on the kinds of plans that Georgie never seemed to be able to make?

4. Throughout this book, Levi feels an incredible amount of guilt about who he used to be when he was young. Did you feel empathy for what Levi went through, and do you think there’s a chance he’ll ever have a relationship with his parents?

5. Levi’s dog, Hank, is an important part of revealing who Levi is as a character. What qualities do Levi and Hank seem to share, and how are they different?

6. Bel and Georgie are unlikely friends in terms of their personalities. Do you have any close friendships with people whom you’re very different from? What makes those friendships work?

7. Bel and Georgie each have different impressions of Darentville, the small town where they both grew up. Do you relate more to Bel’s or Georgie’s views of their hometown? Do you think of yourself as a city or small-town person, or somewhere in between?

8. Where do you see Georgie and Levi in ten years? Will they have their happily ever after?

9. If you could have a separate book about any of the secondary characters in Georgie, All Along, whose book would it be and why?

10. Time for some fan-casting: Who do you think should play Georgie and Levi—and their friends and family—in a movie of their story?