FOR HER CONSIDERATION: Discussion Questions

  1. For Her Consideration begins not with Nina and Ari’s romance but with the breakdown of Nina’s previous romantic relationship and shows the effect that relationship has on Nina’s behavior going forward. How do you think this impacted Nina’s relationship with Ari?
  2. Nina and her friends are such a fun group, and each person has a very distinctive personality, who in the group do you identify with the most and why?
  3. Nina has put her life on hold since her last breakup, moving away from friends, staying in a job she does not hate but is not excited by, and closing herself off from serious romantic relationships. As a reader did you identify with this behavior, how have you reacted to heartbreak?
  4. In For Her Consideration, Nina is a plus-sized woman who has made strides to love and accept herself as she is. How do you think this self-confidence, even during brief moments of doubt of herself, impacts who she is? Does it influence how she interacts with the world, or with Ari?
  5. Los Angeles operates as its own character, in addition to being the book’s setting. What are some stand out ways you think the setting really impacted the story?
  6. Did this story make you long for an L.A. vacation? Are there other cities you think would make a good backdrop setting to a romance like this?
  7. Both Ari and Nina are at different points in their lives, both professionally and in personal relationships. How do you think they complimented each other and helped each other grow? In what ways do you think its helpful (or hurtful) to connect with someone in a vastly different place in life than you?
  8. Found family is a fundamental part of the LGBTQ+ community, and both Ari and Nina find themselves leaning on their friends to really make their dreams come true. Do you have a friend that operates more like a family member than just a friend? What are the benefits of that type of relationship?
  9. Ari must learn how to navigate Nina’s boundaries and the degree of support, or pushing, Nina needs in order to progress professionally and in the exploration of their relationship. What did you think of the communication between them? How do you think boundaries come into play for your own relationships?
  10. Nina works as a ghostwriter for Ari’s emails (a wild, and real job!). What does that experience show us as an allegory for the importance of being in control of your own story or being able to use your own words? Do you think you would want a ghost writer for yourself?

When an aspiring L.A. scriptwriter falls head-over-heels for a bossy and beautiful movie star after a devastating break-up, the two take a risk on love and cast themselves as the leading ladies of their own star-struck romance in this sweet and spirited love story from critically-acclaimed writer Amy Spalding in her adult debut.

“Pure romance magic.” —Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of Love & Other Words

“I loved how joyful, how thoughtful, and how real For Her Consideration was.” —New York Times bestselling author Jasmine Guillory

Since a crushing breakup three years ago, Nina Rice has written romance, friends, her dreams of scriptwriting for TV, and even LA proper out of her life. Instead, she’s safely out in the suburbs in her aunt’s condo working her talent agency job from home, managing celebrity email accounts, and certain that’s plenty of writing—and plot—for her life. But a surprise meeting called by Ari Fox, a young actress on everyone’s radar, stirs up all kinds of feelings Nina thought she’d deleted for good . . .

Ari is sexy, out and proud, and a serious control freak, according to Nina’s boss. She has her own ideas about how Nina should handle her emails—and about getting to know her ghostwriter. When she tells Nina she should be writing again, Nina suddenly finds it less scary to revisit her abandoned life than seriously consider that Ari is flirting with her. Between reconnecting with her old crew and working on a new script, a relationship with a movie star seems like something she’ll definitely mess up—but what could be more worth the risk?

Amy Spalding’s For Her Consideration is full of heat and heart as Nina learns that her story just might include the kind of love that lasts.

“A warm celebration of Los Angeles, chosen family, and learning how to love and be loved.” —Cameron Esposito, bestselling author of Save Yourself

“An optimistic, empathetic choice for readers, which highlights queer women pursuing creative careers and showcases a strong emotional growth arc.” – Library Journal

“A cozy comfort-read.” – Publishers Weekly