Five Ways to Kindle that Winter Romance

By Marina Adair

There is nothing quite as romantic as winter. Some people associate the chilly mornings, rainy days, and longer evenings with sadness. But winter can be the most romantic time of the year. The daybreak after the first snow, hot cocoa while cuddling by a crackling fire, and the fresh feel of rain in the air during a drizzly walk—the kind of handholding, pumpkin spice latte sipping walk that ends with a spontaneous kiss. Yes, winter is a wonderful opportunity to get creative and explore new ways to celebrate love.

When I began my career as a romance author, it was important for me to understand the greater meaning of romance. So, I asked the most romantic person I know, my husband. So one night, I asked him to define romance. He took my hand and said, “Romance is the everyday nurturing of love. The small things to make your partner feel appreciated and adored.”  

His answer forever changed my idea of love, romance, and happily ever after. It isn’t champagne toasts on a terrace or elaborate gestures, it’s the small, acts of kindness that creates lasting bond. His unwavering love shapes the kind of stories I write. Love stories about everyday people, with relatable flaws and fears, looking for understanding and acceptance. In my latest release, Hopeless Romantic, my heroine is the sole character of her brother, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, which puts a whole new meaning on ‘family first’. Her unique situation makes finding love difficult, which is why she adopts a man-free diet. Until she meets Levi, a man who shows her it’s the small gestures of romance that create intimacy and connection, laying the foundation for love.

One year for Christmas, instead of a grand present, my husband gave me three small “Because I Love You” cards, each with a sweet and romantic promise. It meant more to me than a diamond bracelet or designer handbag.

I promise to…love you for who you are in every moment of every day.

I promise…a wedding day, guaranteed to blow you mind, kiss at least five times a day.

I promise to…show you that romance is an action and your love is something to be earned.   

Relationships can be hard and it’s easy to let outside struggles and influences—like jobs, finances or kids—overshadow the importance of putting your partner first. Let’s face it, somedays love comes easier than others. But it’s those hard times that the little, repetitive acts of romance can make all the difference. The good news is everyday romance is pretty easy.

Here are some fun tips and ideas to deepen that bond with your partner and let romance shine through this winter.

  1. Go on a coffee date and pretend it’s your first date. Maybe even play around of “Ten things I Want to Know About You.” It might surprise you how many new things you learn about your partner.
  2. A homecooked meal by candlelight.
  3. A surprise appearance in the shower before work or after a long day.
  4. A hometown tourist day, where you go somewhere in town neither of you have ever visited.
  5. Surprise you partner at work for a spontaneous in-office lunch.

Here is a bonus idea that I make sure to do every day:

  • When your partner arrives home from work, greet them with a kiss and remind them why you love them. Over time people grow and change, relations change, so it’s important to remind your partner why you love them and why you are with them.

I want to hear some of your favorite winter ideas to kindle romance in winter.

Set against the breezy backdrop of coastal Rhode Island, the latest novel from bestselling author Marina Adair asks whether two of a small town’s biggest hearts can learn to put themselves first–in the name of love…

As caregiver for her autistic brother, Beckett Hayes knows how meaningful a little extra help can be when life happens. Which is why she runs Consider It Done, a personal concierge service in her small town. Her job also gives her the flexibility to follow her passion, being Rome, Rhode Island’s unofficial special needs advocate, training emotional support companions in her spare time. There’s not much of that, though, and certainly not enough for serious dating. It’s always been family first for Beck. But one unquestionably gorgeous, good-natured man is suddenly a temptation that’s getting tougher to resist…

Sixteen years ago, Levi Rhodes was ready to sail off into the sunset–literally. But then his father’s death and his sister’s unexpected pregnancy postponed his sailing scholarship and the adventures he had planned. Running the family marina and bar was the least he could do for his grieving mother. Plus, his niece needed a father-figure. But now that she’s in high school and has her bio-dad in her life, Levi’s wondering if it’s time to get his sea legs under him again…until curvy, caring Beck showed up in his bar, and then in his dreams…

A portion of royalties to benefit The Organization of Autism Research.