First Date Questions with Danny and Kate Tamberelli

by Danny and Kate Tamberelli

(*Questions Lucy would absolutely ask any and all of her dates! In progressing weirdness and absurdity as the night goes on and she gets increasingly comfortable and bold, perhaps additionally inspired by a bit of overpriced artisanal whiskey…)

1) Would you rather fall in love and spend the rest of your life with that one person but have no friendships outside of that relationship? Or have a long life filled with lots of friendship, but never fall in love?

2) Would you rather live in a place you love but never travel beyond it, or live somewhere you dislike, but travel to amazing new places constantly?

3) Would you rather date a celebrity actor or a bestselling author?

4) Would you rather listen to music 24/7, every second of the day, sleeping and awake, or never listen to music again?

5) Would you rather go a month with no screen-time and lots of real-life interactions, or have a month with screen-time only, and no interactions whatsoever with another human?

6) Would you rather have zero children someday… or five?

7) Would you rather spend a week eating exclusively chocolate, or exclusively cheese?

8) Would you rather never talk to anyone in your family again, or anytime you step inside your office/a grocery store/restaurant/bar/EVERYWHERE YOU GO, you have to dance your way in doing the electric slide?

9) Would you rather be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams but only be able to change your socks/underwear once a month, or live paycheck to paycheck but have an unlimited supply of fresh socks/underwear?

10) Would you rather elope (with me) tonight, or never use another dating app again for the rest of your life?

Danny Tamberelli, 90’s Nickelodeon star from All That and The Adventures of Pete and Pete, teams up with his real-life wife Kate Tamberelli for a zany, big-hearted, and truly laugh-out-loud debut rom-com set in Brooklyn, steeped in 90’s nostalgia, and inspired by their very own love story. Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren & Emily Henry!

“A joyous, nostalgic rom-com romp in which the authors’ love for each other dazzles through.” —Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of The Roughest Draft

Brooklyn-based aspiring writer Lucy Minninger has no trouble putting the comedy in her rom-coms. It’s the romance part of the equation that’s the problem. But even as the rejection slips pile up, and her second dates dwindle, Lucy refuses to give up hope—or her HeartThrobs™ dating profile . . .

Former child star Rudy Riziero made his mark on some of the most popular kids shows of the ՚90s. But that early success has pigeonholed him into a stand-up routine riffing on his past work, while the slick single life he envisioned was clearly a fantasy. He’s actually ready for a relationship, if he could just find someone uninterested in who he used to be . . .

When Lucy and Rudy match online, they’re eager to meet. But after their first date ends in a psychic’s prophecy that is equal parts great fortune and certain doom, their flirty quips end and their search for answers to some of life’s big questions begins: Is there really one person for everyone? Do destinies really intertwine? Where can you find the best tacos in Brooklyn?

And when it matters most, will they throw caution—and fate—to the wind, trust their instincts—and write their own futures?

“Will keep you entertained to the last page.” —Melissa Joan Hart

“A beautiful, fun, and complex love story.” –screenwriters Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick)

“This ’90s nostalgia–tinged love story will leave rom-com fans smiling and swooning.” —Library Journal STARRED REVIEW