Find Your Vision for 2020! By Lynn Cahoon

Create your very own magical 2020 by crafting a vision board!

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Every year, I pull out a small poster size piece of cardboard.  Then I grab a bunch of magazines, some scissors, a glue stick and some colored markers.  Curled up on the recliner, with a Harry Potter marathon going in the background, I create my vision board.

There’s a little big of magic in this process so bear with me.

First, I page through the magazines, cutting out pictures that call to me. I’m always looking for numbers so I can cut and paste the new year on the finished product. But what else I cut is always a surprise to me. Cars, people, houses, planes, salad bowls, quotes, it can be these things or others that make the first cut.

When I have what I assume is enough, I throw away the used magazines and pull out my blank canvas. (I tried using actual canvas for this but regular glue doesn’t make the pictures stick. Of course, you could use decoupage glue, but for now, I’ll stay with cardboard.

Then I take the larger pieces I want to use and make a background. Then another round of pictures, then another. When you’re done, there should be no cardboard showing. Finally, I add 2020 either in cut numbers or marker.

It’s now time to interpret your vision. What do each mini scene mean? How does it relate to your goals? How does it relate to your business? To your personal goals?

This is also a fun exercise to do with four or five of your closest friends. And a pitcher of mimosas and some coffee cake. If you hold your get together the week between Christmas and New Year’s, you’ll have plenty of time to use the 2020 vision board to build strong goals and make the year amazing.

Have you done vision boards before?

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