Favorite Tradition by Jules Bennett

By far, my favorite holiday tradition is eating breakfast on Christmas morning at my parent’s house. You know how holidays can be such a rush of going from one place to another? One meal to the next…wishing you’d worn those elastic pants?

My sister had a brilliant idea several years ago to cut down on the feeling of being rushed every evening from one family member to the next. She’s a master cook and thought maybe we should get together for Christmas breakfast instead of dinner because so many of our family members do dinner.

Wait, her plan got even better. Not only does she prepare a fabulous breakfast on Christmas morning, we all show up at my parent’s house in our pj’s. That’s right. We drive to their house in our snazzy pajamas and bedhead then all huddle on the floor around the tree and pass out presents. Just like when I was a kid!

I love this tradition for so many reasons, but the main one is that I am totally a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. What’s better than being *cough* nearly forty years old and being childlike all over again…and with good reason!

Another reason I love this is because my kids are making lasting memories. I think it’s so important to instill those treasures in the next generation. No matter your tradition or the holiday you celebrate, children need to see why that particular moment is special to you. My kids get a kick out of seeing my sister and me acting like big kids. It’s such a fun time.

Let’s discuss the food. Oh, mercy, is my sister an amazing cook. We have from scratch cinnamon rolls with gooey icing, breakfast casserole, biscuits and gravy, French toast, wassel (for those of you who don’t know, this is a fabulous, hot, cinnamon/fruity drink made of angel wings and heaven).

I don’t know about you all, but I’m hungry! I hope whatever tradition you have, you continue making memories with those you love.


This winter, let four tales of mistletoe magic and the spirit of the season cast a special glow as some of your favorite authors introduce stories of hope, happiness, and holiday hearts.

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Fern Michaels

Starting over in a new town with a new job, Meredith thinks buying Noah’s grandmother’s house will be a simple business deal. But neighborly Noah is determined to make Meredith feel at home—and as the holiday season works its magic, he’s suddenly hoping that she’ll find a place for him in her heart.

Blue Moon Harbor Christmas
Susan Fox

Jillian and Michael have nothing in common—except the child two reckless college students created eight years ago. When Michael unexpectedly asks to meet his son, they have the twelve days of Christmas to get to know the adults they’ve become—adults who just might be ready to fall in love for real.

Second Chance Christmas
Jules Bennett

A blind date turns out to be anything but when Ruby finds Knox on her doorstep. A few years ago, she nursed his dying wife. Can two lonely people defeat the shadow of the past and let the spirit of Christmas offer them the most special gift of all?

Finding Colin
Leah Marie Brown

When Grace is suspended from work over the Christmas holidays, she does the only sensible thing—she travels to Ireland to find her favorite actor! But while the Colin she finds may not be a star, he’s ready to show her that gifts come in all shapes and sizes—and love is the miracle that truly counts.