Favorite Kind Of Heroes by Kari Lemor

The hero of my newest novel, RUNNING TARGET, book #2 in the Love on the Line series is one of my favorite kind. Filled with angst and guilt ridden. Poor Jack Holland, he’s on the run with a mob hit targeting him. It really was self-defense when he killed Angelo Cabrini, son of mob boss Victor Cabrini.  Victor doesn’t seem to care.

But the worst is that his covert affair with Callie Lansing, while she was helping the police try and get evidence on the mob family, resulted in a baby.  One Victor thinks is his grandson. So, not only did Jack break every rule in the FBI book by falling for and having an affair with an informant, but he left her to deal with the mob boss by herself and raise the child without a father. Guilt upon guilt upon guilt and tossed in with severe angst.  Stir it up with some danger and sprinkle in lots of action and a fair amount of sexual tension and you have a recipe for some great reading.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite angst filled and guilt ridden heroes from television.


Col. John Sheppard, US Air Force. – Stargate Atlantis –

Due to his extremely strong ATA gene (the Ancient gene needed to run Ancient -alien- technology) John is recruited for the exploration team that discovers the city of Atlantis. Unfortunately while he’s helping rescue some of his crew and the new aliens they’ve befriended, he accidently awakens the Wraith. A formidable enemy. These creatures love humans, to feed off. Oops!




Patrick Jane – The Mentalist –


Patrick was a celebrity psychic who taunted a serial killer – Red John – with insults on national tv calling him ‘an ugly tormented little man’.  When Patrick got home, he found his wife and daughter dead- killed by Red John.  Now his mission is to find Red John and make him pay.



Oliver Queen – Arrow –

Oliver spent years on an unknown island after his father’s yacht sunk. Unfortunately Oliver had taken his girlfriend’s sister with him for a little pleasure cruise.  And before his father died he gave him a book with names of really bad people. People his father had done business with. Once Oliver gets home he needs to right his father’s wrongs.


Ross Poldark – Poldark –

Ross is recruited to serve his country as a redcoat (or pay for some minor crimes he committed ) When he comes back from fighting in the American Revolutionary War he finds his father dead, his girlfriend about to marry his cousin and his family home in ruins. His temper and impatience keep getting him in trouble, though luckily his kindness wins many friends.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs – NCIS –

Special Agent Gibbs was a US Marine who spent time oversees fighting for his country. While deployed, his wife and daughter were killed because they were witness to a murder. Gibbs became an NCIS agent to solve murders and ensure no one else dies on his watch.