Fall In Love With These Cowboys

by Stacy Finz

The leaves are turning and there is a distinct chill in the air (even in Northern California where I live). Yep, it’s fall, the perfect time to curl up by a roaring fire with a good-looking cowboy. If you need to be set up on a date with one, boy, do I have you covered. Let’s see, Bodie, Gabe, Zane, Zach, Jax, just to name a few. There’s also Tuff from Cowboy Proud who I’ve been hoarding for myself but am willing to share because I’m nice like that. You’re welcome.

Yes, there are so many cowboy romances and so little time to read them all. So, I thought I’d draw up a quick list of recommendations from some of my favorite authors to share with you. Here goes:


No list would be complete without author Kate Pearce. She’s my sister from another mister. Like my stories, hers are set in the wilds of California and I can’t wait to get my hands on Romancing the Rancher from her The Millers of Morgan Valley series (sorry, it doesn’t come out until the end of December, which leaves you plenty of time to read the rest of the series). This story is about Evan, the fifth son in the Miller clan, who’s trying to cut his own path. But it looks like Josie Martinez might just be a roadblock he didn’t see coming. 


Speaking of California cowboys, have y’all read A Cowboy to Remember by Rebekah Weatherspoon? It’s the first book in her Cowboys of California series and she had me with the cover, which is smoking. This one has got it all: hot cowboy hero, dude ranch and a famous chef heroine. 


Next up is Dylann Crush’s The Cowboy Says I Do. It’s anything but a wedding cake walk for the mayor and the deputy sheriff when they team up to reinvent the town of Idont, Texas to Ido. I think you can see where this is going.



I always love me some Megan Ryder. Get yourself the first book in her Granite Junction series, The Wrong Cowboy. Gabe is helping his cousin around the ranch while struggling to unravel his next book plot. The last thing he expected to find was literary inspiration in the curvaceous cowgirl pining over his cousin.

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No list would be complete without Jennie Marts and A Cowboy State of Mind, the first book in her Creedence Horse Rescue series. It’s the Horse Whisperer meets Hope Floats when bubbly Bryn Callahan and brooding Zane Taylor protect an unwanted horse and end up with an animal rescue operation that they can only handle when they rely on each other.



Here’s a shout out to Dawn Luedecke’s High Heels and Cowboy Boots. Will Jax finally get a second chance with the girl who stole his truck and his heart? There’s only one way to find out.

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And of course, there’s A.J. Pine’s My One and Only Cowboy. When a gorgeous blonde barges onto Sam Callahan’s property, insisting he bought the place in a fraudulent sale—and that she’s there to prove she still owns half the land—Sam could lose everything, including his heart.



Last but never least, I wanted to throw out a Christmas cowboy read because tis the season. I love author Cathy McDavid. Her December release, A Secret Christmas Wish, looks so good. Too bad handsome cowboy Brent Hayes is Maia’s new coworker—and completely off limits! Neither of them can afford to lose their job. . . or invest in a relationship. But when Maia sees Brent’s adorable connection with her young son, she can’t help wishing for a Christmas miracle.


On an inherited ranch in Northern California, one family is discovering all the possibilities life can offer—and the kind of love that will outlast even the land . . .

When Angela Dalton comes home to Dry Creek Ranch after a long absence, she’s carrying weighty emotional baggage. Charmed by a handsome face, she inadvertently bank-rolled members of a violent militia group, all of whom now want her dead for working with the authorities. Leaving witness protection for the ranch is a risk until she can figure out where to take her life next—and the good-looking cowboy who lives across the creek from her cabin is an inconvenient distraction. She can’t trust her heart to anyone again, even a gruffly sweet man like Tuff Garrison . . .

Tuff doesn’t get involved—with anyone. It’s been his guiding principle since leaving home alone at fifteen to find his own way in the world. But the haunted look on Angela’s gorgeous face is impossible for him to ignore—and the heat of their attraction has become a blaze. When a set of dangerous men track her down, they’ll have to rely on each other to escape the threat—and take a chance that trusting each other will be worth a lifetime of love…