Engrossing WWII Novels

A perennial favorite of the historical fiction genre we’ve got a collection of engrossing WWII novels that you won’t be able to put down.

Under the Paper Moon by Shaina Steinberg

In this stunning novel, readers are transported to 1948 Los Angeles where former WWII spies Evelyn Bishop and Nick Gallagher reunite for one last mission. As they navigate postwar intrigue, unresolved heartbreak, and personal vendettas, they uncover dark secrets that threaten to unravel everything Evelyn holds dear. With its tightly-plotted narrative and emotionally rich storytelling, this debut mystery is sure to captivate fans of historical fiction and espionage thrillers alike.

Fleeing France by Alan Hlad

Set amidst the chaos of World War II torn France, Ruth Lacroix, an American singer turned ambulance driver, embarks on a perilous journey. After encountering a British pilot and a Jewish orphan, they race against time and danger in a desperate bid for freedom. Inspired by real wartime events, this emotional and action-packed tale of sacrifice and hope captures the resilience of the human spirit amid the turmoil of war.

We are Only Ghosts by Jeffrey L. Richards

A haunting exploration of war, love, and survival converge in the life of Charles Ward, a man who, as a Jewish boy in WWII found himself entangled with a Nazi officer in the death camps. Moving forward to 1960s New York City, their unexpected reunion ignites a tumultuous journey of tenderness, trauma, and revenge. Charles grapples with the ghosts of his past, navigating the delicate balance between hatred and affection, vengeance and peace.

Bonfire Night by Anna Bliss

The lives of Irish Catholic photographer, Kate Grifferty, and British Jewish medical student, David Rabatkin, intertwine amid the chaos of war in the tumultuous era spanning England’s anti-fascism protests of 1936 through the aftermath of WWII. As Kate navigates her career in press photography and David grapples with familial expectations and societal pressures, their bond deepens against the backdrop of historical upheaval that will test both their relationship and their selves.

The Enemy at Home by Kevin O’Brien

A killer walks the streets in 1943 Seattle amidst the chaos of WWII. Nora Kinney, a housewife turned riveter at the Boeing B-17 plant, faces a chilling reality when her female coworkers are targeted and murdered. With each murder, Nora’s fear grows, and she becomes convinced of a disturbing connection between herself and the killer. Richly detailed and suspenseful, this historical thriller explores the harrowing experiences of women on the home front and the dark secrets lurking in the shadows of wartime America.

A Jewel in the Crown by David Lewis

Amidst the tumult of World War II, Caitrin Colline, a spirited socialist, is thrust into a perilous mission orchestrated by Winston Churchill to safeguard Britain’s Crown Jewels from the Nazis. Teaming up with Lord Marlton, Hector Neville-Percy, Caitrin poses as his wife as they embark on a treacherous journey to transport the priceless artifacts to safety. Amidst the chaos of war, Caitrin must navigate deception, betrayal, and a dangerous chase across Europe to fulfill their mission and secure the fate of a nation.