Empowering Witchy Reads

Whether it’s casting a spell, solving a murder, experimenting with time travel, or summoning a demon, these witches get stuff done!

The Feast Makers by H.A. Clarke

Sideways and their coven navigate the complexities of senior year amidst a turbulent witch trial that has split the group. With college decisions looming and witchfinders descending upon their town, Sideways grapples with newfound love and the relentless pursuit of justice in a world teetering on the brink of chaos. Clarke’s signature raw prose and explosive narrative style culminate in a thrilling finale that explores acceptance, romance, and the true meaning of belonging.

Gone with the Witch by Angela M. Sanders

Librarian and apprentice witch Josie Way finds herself embroiled in a bone-chilling mystery when human remains are discovered beneath an old outhouse in Wilfred, Oregon. As Josie delves deeper into the case, she teams up with none other than Sherlock Holmes, summoned with the help of spellbound books. But as strange occurrences escalate, Josie realizes she may be facing her own Moriarty.

The Last Witch in Edinburgh by Marielle Thompson

Fear of the witch trials grips the women of 1824 Edinburgh. Nellie Duncan finds solace and purpose at the Rae Women’s Apothecary, where fiery Jean Rae and others teach her the art of witchcraft and connect to the winter deity, the Cailleach, who grants them great power and long life. But amid blossoming romance and newfound powers, an ancient enemy of the Cailleach strikes and Nellie flees. After two centuries in hiding, love emboldens Nellie to return and confront this foe, determined to awaken others to their inner strength and resist the patriarchy’s grip.

The Witch Hitch by Elizabeth Bass

Bailey Tomlin’s pre-wedding nerves take a supernatural turn when she discovers her birth mother is a witch. With the impending nuptials and the sudden appearance of Seton Adderbury, a man from 1929, Bailey must navigate her newfound witch heritage, keep her uptight future in-laws at bay, and ensure her wedding isn’t hexed by an unseen enemy. As Bailey grapples with her magical lineage and unexpected feelings for Seton, she faces a whimsical yet challenging journey to find her true self amidst the enchanting chaos.

Soul of a Witch by Harley Laroux

Everly, raised under the control of a merciless God, has had her power stifled for too long, until she discovers a hidden house of magic. As she grapples with newfound power, she faces a brutal journey to destroy that which she was once controlled by. Meanwhile, Callum, a millennia-old demon, finds himself drawn to Everly, willing to defy fate to aid her. Together, they navigate a perilous quest with the fate of the world at stake, testing the limits of their powers and their love.

Witch Way Out by Cate Conte

Crystal shop owner Violet Mooney finds herself embroiled in chaos when a murder disrupts the Spring Equinox Fair. Eager to uncover the truth amidst the turmoil, Violet navigates the complexities of her magical ancestry while investigating the power struggles within her community. As tensions rise and mysteries deepen, Violet must rely on her evolving magical abilities to untangle the web of secrets and protect herself from unseen dangers lurking in both the mortal and magical realms.

His Dark Magic by Pat Esden

Chloe Winslow, seeking redemption for a past mistake, is drawn into the fold of an enigmatic and powerful coven. Charmed by the allure of a handsome member, Devlin, she embarks on a perilous journey to awaken Merlin and harness his healing magic. Yet, as doubts arise about the Circle’s intentions and Devlin’s true nature, Chloe faces ancient adversaries, dangerous illusions, and profound betrayal. With the fate of realms hanging in the balance, Chloe must confront her untested powers and a consuming passion that threatens to destroy her.