Diverse Histories, Timeless Tales

Travel through time and explore the rich tapestry of history! In this blog post, we celebrate the power of diverse historical fiction to transport readers to different times and places while honoring the diverse stories.

Take the Long Way Home by Rochelle Alers

Globetrot through time and across continents in this richly woven narrative spanning seven decades and following the remarkable life of Claudia Patterson. From a secluded Mississippi town in the 1950s where she grew up as a young black woman in the south to the glamorous cities of Paris and Rome in the 60s and 70s, Wall Street in the 1980s, and present-day New York. She lives many lives, from a freedom fighter and business maven to a devoted wife, mastering multiple languages, and ultimately becoming the savior of a European dynasty. Along the way, Claudia’s path is shaped by powerful loves and losses with four extraordinary men who all leave an indelible mark. But Claudia may leave the most indelible mark of all on readers who can’t get enough of this unforgettable, moving story.

After Francesco by Brian Malloy

This poignant novel is a powerful tribute to a generation profoundly affected by the AIDS crisis and takes readers on an emotional journey to the recent past in 1980s New York City and Minneapolis. It’s a universal tale of love, loss, and resilience, drawing from Malloy’s own experiences as a member of the AIDS generation. Kevin Doyle hits rock bottom while grappling with the relentless wave of funerals and the ghost of his late partner Francesco. Embarking on a healing process, he forges connections with member of a support group. But life throws him a curveball with an unthinkable family betrayal and a friend’s life-threatening situation in New York. In this authentic narrative, Malloy explores how love can transcend grief and the strength it takes to find hope in the darkest of times.

The Queen of the Valley by Lorena Hughes

In a captivating narrative unfolding between the tragedies of the 1925 Cali earthquake and an emerging cholera epidemic in the enchanting yet tumultuous backdrop of Colombia, three strangers find themselves on a perilous quest to find the owner of a coveted hacienda, Martin Sabater. As the hacienda transforms into a Catholic hospital, novice nun “Sor Puri” embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind the disappearance, even as her own hidden identity threatens her search. Photographer Lucas Ferreira, Martin’s best friend, harbors secrets that hold the key to unraveling the mystery. Sor Camila, the head nurse, wrestles with the consequences of a life-altering mistake. As secrets emerge, memories resurface, and truths unfold, these characters must confront their pasts and reshape their destinies in this riveting and suspenseful saga.

Murder in Drury Lane by Vanessa Riley

Showcasing the true diversity of Regency-era England, this historical mystery follows the incomparable Lady Abigail Worthing, who has a passion for the abolitionist cause and a penchant for solving murders. Her refuge is the Drury Lane theater, but when a man is found dead backstage, Abigail, along with her neighbor Stapleton Henderson, embarks on a clandestine investigation. Their quest reveals a complex drama involving gambling debts, a captivating actress, and the theater’s future. Adding to the complexity, a key suspect is a leading advocate for the abolitionist cause. Abigail’s determination uncovers dark secrets, but can she stay ahead of those who would wish her harm?

An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

Lovers of Alyssa Cole won’t want to miss her masterful historical tale that sets a high-stakes backdrop against genuine emotional tie when in the midst of the Civil War, a formidable pair of spies emerges. Elle Burns, a former slave with an unwavering commitment to justice and a photographic memory, risks everything by infiltrating the South’s entrenched slave system as a Union Army spy. Malcolm McCall, a seasoned detective for Pinkerton’s Secret Service, embarks on his most perilous mission yet: embedding himself within a Rebel Virginia enclave. Together, Elle and Malcolm uncover a plot that could reshape the course of the war. In a web of wartime intrigue, they must take their boldest steps to safeguard the Union, even if it means sacrificing their connection.