Discussion Questions: THE OTHER MISTRESS

  • How does the theme of infidelity thread itself throughout the story?
  • What did you know about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) prior to reading this novel? How does it impact the progression of the story?
  • How does the story change when looked at from the angle of being a story about a BIPOC character? Does that change how we perceive the character’s actions?
  • While many thrillers feature women who lose themselves to titles imposed by society, THE OTHER MISTRESS questions how BIPOC women are tasked with both building and maintaining a flawless veneer and how this compulsion can become devastating. What do you think about this lens?
  • Do you think it’s possible for someone like Adira to heal from the trauma she’s endured?
  • If you found out your life partner was sleeping with two people other than you, how would you react? What would you feel?
  • Adira had a very harsh upbringing and witnessed a lot of things in her younger years that she shouldn’t have seen at her age. Do you think Adira’s disorder makes sense considering all she’s been through?