Discussion Guide: THE BITTER TRUTH

  1. What are your initial impressions of Jo Baker? How do your perceptions of her change as the story unfolds?
  2. How does Jo’s loyalty to Dominic shape her actions throughout the novel? Do you think her loyalty is justified? Why or why not?
  3. Which plot twist in “The Bitter Truth” surprised you the most? How did it affect your understanding of the characters and their motivations?
  4. The novel features characters who behave badly. How do you feel about Jo and Dominic’s actions and decisions? Are they justified in any way, or do they cross moral boundaries?
  5. How does Shanora Williams build suspense and tension throughout the story? Can you identify specific scenes or techniques that were particularly effective?
  6. What impact does the presence of the stalker have on the narrative? How does it influence Jo and Dominic’s relationship and the unfolding events?
  7. The novel deals with uncovering hidden truths. How do the secrets and lies revealed throughout the book affect the characters’ relationships and the overall plot?
  8. How does the political campaign backdrop enhance the story? Do you think it adds to the intrigue and complexity of the characters’ lives?
  9. How does Jo change from the beginning to the end of the novel? What key events contribute to her transformation?
  10. If you’ve read other thrillers by authors like Kellye Garrett, Sally Hepworth, or Tarryn Fisher, how does “The Bitter Truth” compare? What unique elements does Shanora Williams bring to this genre?
  11. How are themes of power and control explored in the book? Who holds the power in Jo and Dominic’s relationship, and how does this shift throughout the story?
  12. How would you react if you were in Jo’s position, facing the same challenges and revelations? Do you think you would make similar or different choices?
  13. How does the title “The Bitter Truth” relate to the story? What do you think it signifies in the context of Jo’s journey and the overall narrative?