Discover New Nonfiction Reads

The world of nonfiction is vast and fascinating, and 2024 is the perfect year to explore it. From historical figures to behind-the-scenes, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be uncovered.

Say Hello to My Little Friend by Nat Segaloff 

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Scarface starring Al Pacino—Brian DePalma’s 1983 gangster film that shook the world, shocked the critics, and shot bullet holes through the American Dream—this explosive Hollywood tell-all charts not only the phenomenon of this controversial classic but also the equally controversial legacy of the original 1932 Scarface that inspired it 

The Way They Were by Robert Hofler

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of “The Way We Were,” this intriguing and impeccably researched book is the first ever account of the making of the classic film starring Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford, revealing the full story behind its genesis and continued controversies, its many deleted scenes, its much-anticipated but never-filmed sequel, and the real-life romance that inspired this groundbreaking love story.

Killin’ Generals by Dwayne Epstein

An explosive inside look at The Dirty Dozen, the star-studded war film that broke the rules, shocked the critics, thrilled audiences, and became an all-time classic.

Parent Like a Pediatrician by Rebekah Diamond, M.D.

Rebekah Diamond, M.D. , the pediatrician, working mom, and parent advocate trusted by Parents magazine and NBC for her adept advice, expertly guides you through the noise to share her fresh, inclusive, sensible, no-nonsense take on making the right choices when it comes the first 12 months of your child’s life.

Dismissed by Dr. Angela Marshall and Kathy Palokoff

The only book on this subject written by a primary care doctor who is a woman of color, Dismissed examines all forms of bias – those related to race and ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, age, disabilities, obesity, and the increasing bias against science – instructing patients, doctors, and administrators alike on how we can all identify bias – and how we can all do better.

Blood by Dr. Jen Gunter

Get empowering, period-positive, no-nonsense facts about the science, medicine, and myths surrounding menstruation from Dr. Jen Gunter, New York Times bestselling author of The Vagina Bible!

1932 by Scott Martelle

An enthralling slice of history with contemporary resonance, this unique account examines the most transformative year in American history—when a battered nation would emerge from the Great Depression and reinvent itself under the skilled leadership of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Mistress of Life and Death by Susan J. Eischeid

For two decades, Eischeid has excavated the details of Mandl’s life story, drawing on archival testimonies, speaking to dozens of witnesses, and spending time with Mandl’s community of friends and neighbors who shared their memories as well as those handed down in their families. The result is a chilling and complex exploration of how easily an ordinary citizen chose the path of evil in a climate of hate and fear.

Three Ordinary Girls by Tim Brady

Told for the very first time, the astonishing true story of three fearless female resisters during WWII whose youth and innocence belied their extraordinary daring in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands. It also made them the underground’s most invaluable commodity. Recruited as teenagers, Hannie Schaft, and Dutch sisters Truus and Freddie Oversteegen fulfilled their harrowing missions as spies, saboteurs, and Nazi assassins with remarkable courage, but their stories have remained largely unknown…until now.

Gangsters vs. Nazis by Michael Benson

he stunning true story of the rise of Nazism in America in the years leading to WWII—and the fearless Jewish gangsters and crime families who joined forces to fight back. With an intense cinematic style, acclaimed nonfiction crime author Michael Benson reveals the thrilling role of Jewish mobsters like Bugsy Siegel in stomping out the terrifying tide of Nazi sympathizers during the 1930s and 1940s.

The Confidante by Christopher C. Gorham

For readers of Hidden FiguresA Woman of No Importance, and Eleanor: A Life, the first-ever biography of Anna Marie Rosenberg, whose influence on American history, from the New Deal to the Cold War and beyond, has never before been told. Her life ran parallel to the front lines of history—and her story, though forgotten for too long, is extraordinary, inspiring, and uniquely American.