Dinnertime with Jeff!

By Dorothy F. Shaw

What’s happening, my people? I’m Jeff Pearl, the hero in Dorothy F. Shaw’s upcoming release, Trusting the Badge.

First things first: Yes. I’m a character. No, I’m not a real person. But man, let me tell you, on paper I’m a real boy. For realsies.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business. I’m here to tell you all about me, and how awesome I am! Seriously. Oh, and my cooking. I’m supposed to tell you about my cooking and share a recipe with you.

See, I’m a man of many sides. There are layers to me, you know?

Let me just tell you… I’m loyal. I’m hard working. I’m honest. I’m funny. I’m sarcastic. I’m a fab handyman. Tish, the love of my life, will tell you that I need home training. Maybe she’s right. Some might say I’m egotistical, but really, I’m just confident but I also know my faults. True story. Anyway, I’m for sure a dedicated police officer with the K9 unit. No one can argue that one.

Annnnd, I’m a pretty damn good cook. Which brings us to the point of what I’m doing here now.

I cook for my Tish all the time. But the first time I made dinner for her, she was so caught off guard by all the awesome that is me, she had no idea what to do. I had plenty ideas, but that’s beside the point. Eventually, she figured out what to do with me, because seriously, if she hadn’t it would’ve made for a really boring book, but I digress.

That first time I cooked, I whipped up a little Italian dish—cheese ravioli with marinara sauce. I also made a cheese and olive tray, as a starter, and did all this after working a full shift. It was easy, and I told her so, because the marinara sauce had no meat in it.

Marinara, is the most basic of the pasta sauces you can make, and has very few ingredients in it.

Which means its super easy to make and takes no time at all.

Watch…or read. Ahem. *Eye roll* You know what I mean.

So, without further ado, here it is.

Make it for your girl. You can thank me later, kids. *Wink*



For members of a police K9 Unit, partnership is everything—in work and in love.


Shuttled between her alcoholic parents and foster homes that separated her from beloved younger brother, Steven, it’s no wonder Tish Beck is a woman with trust issues. To avoid getting hurt—or hurting someone else—she’s kept her romantic life commitment-free, and that’s fine by her. Until she meets exasperatingly hot, funny, smart-ass K9 officer Jeffrey Pearl, and stupidly spends the night with him . . .

Currently single and content, Jeff’s always got his canine bestie, Rio, by his side, and loads of human friends. He enjoys the occasional close encounter, but hasn’t been tempted into anything serious. Until Tish. He’s inexplicably head over heels. Too bad she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. But when Tish’s brother winds up in jail—again—Jeff’s glad to be the man Tish turns to for help. And with Steven back on the scene, she’ll need it. Soon Tish will have to open her eyes—and her heart—to love, and realize where, and with whom, her safety truly lies . . .