Curl Up with These Literature-Loving Sleuths

Clever sleuths are what make reading cozy mysteries so fun. Especially when they have a love for reading just like us! We’ve got the perfect list of cozy recommendations featuring mystery-solving bibliophiles, from bookstore owners to book club enthusiasts. Meet our favorite literature-loving sleuths and help them leaf through a series of suspects…

Paper Cuts by Ellery Adams

When bookstore owner Nora Pennington isn’t busy recommending the perfect books to her costumers, she’s usually got her nose in a novel—or in a new murder case. When Nora gets a visit from her ex-husband’s former mistress, Kelly, it’s an unwelcome surprise. And when Kelly is found murdered, all eyes are on Nora. Will Nora’s friends in the Secret, Book, and Scone Society be able to help clear her name and find the real killer?

Dedication to Murder by Lauren Elliott

As a lifelong bibliophile, Addie Greyborne loves adding to her rare book collection. When she finds a first edition of The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, she’s ecstatic. But a handwritten inscription on the title page will provide a clue to a complex mystery from her family’s past, as well as a modern murder investigation. Will Addie be able to piece together decades-old clues and find a killer before they claim another victim?

Secrets in the Stacks by Lynn Cahoon

Bookstore owner Rarity Cole is looking forward to participating in the summer fair with the rest of her friends in the Tuesday Night Survivors’ Book Club. But when a Tarot reader pulls the Death card for one of their members, a murder investigation quickly follows. Could Rarity’s friend really be a killer? Or will she need protection from the real culprit?

A Colorful Scheme by Krista Davis

Florrie Fox’s manager at the Color Me Read Bookstore is soon to be married to a famous romance author. Their wedding guests include those from all corners of the literary world. But Florrie quickly discovers this group of creative guests have a tendency for backstabbing. And when an aspiring writer is found murdered among the group, it’s up to Florrie to expose the killer’s true colors!

Bookclubbed to Death by V.M. Burns

Samantha Washington loves writing mysteries—and investigating them! But when she finds an unpleasant book reviewer, Delia Marshall, dead in her bookstore, Samantha finds herself on the other side of a murder case. In order to clear her name, Sam does some much-needed research—and discovers there’s more than one literary lover with a motive to want Delia dead…