Compelling Women in Thrillers

What makes a great thriller? The heart pounding “OMG will they live” moments. The twists and turns you didn’t see coming. And of course, the characters that provide addictive intrigue. Check out the following thrillers with compelling women who take the lead—either down a path of justice or destruction…

Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea

Alexandra Quinlan was just a teenager when her family was brutally murdered in their home. After being accused of the killings and terrorized by the media with the nickname “Empty Eyes,” Alex changed everything about herself. But even a new name, appearance, and backstory won’t stop the past from coming back to haunt her. And now, ten years later, it’s her turn to find the truth…

All the Dark Places by Terri Parlato

On a frigid January morning, Molly Bradley wakes up to her worst nightmare. There, on his office floor, her husband lays dead, his throat brutally slashed. Molly is devastated. Not only was he her rock, but he was also the only one who understood her nightmare past. Now it’s up to her and a police detective to find the killer—before Molly is the next target.

The Other Mistress by Shanora Williams

Adira Smith-Cortez has the perfect life. She’s a multi-millionaire with the world at her fingertips, plus a lovely husband she adores. But when her attentive, affectionate husband begins having affairs behind her back, Adira concocts the perfect plan to get her spouse back in line. However, Adira’s plan will grow into an obsession that may have deadly consequences…

The Secrets We Share by Edwin Hill

Twenty years ago, Natalie and Glenn’s father was found murdered in the woods behind their house. Though the killer was caught, a new dead body appears decades later with unexpected connections. Now their father’s murderer is called into question. Did the police catch the real killer? Or have they managed to stay hidden all these years? Now, the sisters can’t trust anyone. Not even each other.

You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti

Agent Laurel Snow’s relationship with her newly discovered half-sister, Abigail, is complicated. Her erratic behavior is enough to put Laurel on edge. And when bodies begin to pile up in their hometown, there’s one connection between the victims Laurel can’t ignore: Abigail. Could her troubled sister be involved in these murders? Or will she soon be a victim herself?

One Last Chance by Kat Martin

When agent Skye Delaney’s sister suddenly goes missing, she knows a local cult may have a part in her disappearance. But investigating an organization like Children of the Sun is too risky to do alone. Luckily, her handsome coworker, Edge Logan, has offered to be her backup. But will Edge and Skye be able to unmask the high-stakes conspiracy before it’s too late?