Christmas Reads

Embrace the holiday spirit with this collection of heartwarming romance novels that capture the magic of newfound love amidst snow-kissed landscapes to compelling women’s fiction tales exploring themes of second chances and the joy of the season, to festive mysteries that transport you to cozy settings filled with sleuthing, suspense, and seasonal intrigue.

The Season of Second Chances by Kristina McMorris and Tammy Greenwood

Within the magical backdrop of the festive season two poignant tales of discovery and redemption are woven together. In Kristina McMorris’s ‘The Christmas Collector,’ Jenna delves into the mysteries of an elderly client’s WWII memorabilia, unearthing secrets that resonate with heartache and hope, alongside the client’s handsome grandson. Meanwhile, T. Greenwood’s ‘Gifted’ brings together Alex, a displaced ballerina, and Simone, a fading violinist, on a bittersweet Christmas Eve in New York City. As the two disparate lives converge, they find solace, courage, and the enduring power of Christmas in unexpected ways.

Christmas Mittens Murder by Lee Hollis, Lynn Cahoon, and Maddie Day

As tightknit communities celebrate, unexpected deaths cast a chilling shadow on the holidays. From a valuable diamond ring theft entangled with a fatal discovery during a Christmas bazaar to an ancient curse and a deadly snow-covered scene at a lodge, and finally to unraveling the truth behind a murder in a quaint B&B, these tales weave together intricate mysteries involving mittens, murder, and the spirit of Christmas. Lee Hollis, Lynn Cahoon, and Maddie Day craft a trio of engaging stories where solving these holiday homicides becomes a race against time before the Yuletide cheer turns into a deadly ordeal.

The Sound of Sleighbells by Janet Dailey

Ruth McCoy seeks to carve out new holiday traditions for her family amidst the echoes of past pain from her divorce. Unexpectedly, fate reintroduces Ruth to Judd Rankin, a past love, bringing together their shared history and the discovery of a son Judd never knew he had. As Ruth and Judd rekindle their feelings, a tender bond forms between their children. However, the secret looms, and Ruth grapples with whether revealing it will either fracture her budding relationship with Judd or become the most precious gift her family could receive.

Snowball Unwrapped by Kristen McKanagh

Christmas and chaos have come to the picturesque Weber Haus as Jocelyn steps into her twin sister’s shoes for a Christmas TV show, masquerading as an all-around expert in crafting, cooking, and more. Struggling with the charade, Jocelyn navigates a challenging, and frustratingly handsome co-host, Ben. As Snowball, the inn’s feline matchmaker, stirs up romantic sparks between Jocelyn and Ben, the stage is set for a holiday filled with festive cheer, crackling fires, and a whirlwind of Snowball’s endearing mischief.

Murder on Mistletoe Lane by Clara McKenna

American heiress Stella Kendrick and Viscount Lyndhurst find themselves entangled in a puzzling yuletide conundrum in England’s Edwardian era. Determined to foster Christmas traditions and aid the community, Stella faces adversity when a trusted staff member’s sudden death rattles her estate. As mysteries deepen with unexplained thefts and a second tragedy during a festive race, Stella and Lyndy navigate a web of secrets and deceit in the New Forest. Their quest for truth amidst December’s darkness becomes their most challenging—and crucial—holiday endeavor yet.

Santa and Company by Fern Michaels

Set against the snowy backdrop of a ski lodge, four friends embark on a festive reunion in a tale that combines the magic of Christmas with the bonds of lifelong friendship. But amidst the picturesque scenes of fresh snow and cozy fires, unexpected twists unfold. One woman’s misadventure leads to a serendipitous encounter with a reclusive rescuer, setting off a chain of surprising reunions that stir up memories from the past. As the group navigates unexpected connections and past histories, the spirit of the season takes center stage, promising new beginnings and renewed friendships in this delightful holiday tale.

Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains

Readers will be immersed in the enchantment of Christmas as Diana Merriman, a dedicated physical therapist in Snow Haven, North Carolina, grapples with the aftermath of her fiancé Linus’s tragic accident. A mysterious snow globe discovery on Christmas Eve propels Diana into a perplexing time loop, reliving the day Linus was injured. In her quest to change fate, she uncovers profound truths about herself and her relationships. As Diana navigates endless variations of December 4, hope and joy intertwine, guiding her to open her heart to love and embrace life’s poignant beauty.