Christmas in July and Beyond

We all have one of those friends, maybe some of us even are that friend, mayhaps the author of this very article, but I digress. That friend who can’t get enough Christmas, who wants to take a trip to the local Iceplex for skating and hot chocolate at any time of year, who can’t wait for Christmas in July, who starts decorating with tinsel as soon as they feel the first cold nip in the air. For that friend we recommend…Christmas stories!

In the Event of Love by Courtney Kae

This charming holiday romcom reads like  your favorite Hallmark movie set to paper. Returning to her quaint hometown of Fern Falls after a career mishap, event planner Morgan Ross is determined to rehab her image. And wouldn’tcha know it, the struggling local tree farm is in need of a promotional event to save it this Christmas season. Too bad Rachel Reed, Morgan’s ex-best friend and ex-crush is the sexy lumberjane in charge of the business since she wants nothing to do with Morgan after the way she left town years ago. But Christmas magic has a way of worming itself into even the grinchiest of hearts.

All I Want from Santa by Lisa Jackson

Two single parents work tirelessly to make this Christmas special for their children, but will a young daughter’s heartfelt letter to Santa bring them the gift of romance this holiday season? Widowed Veronica wishes she could have bought the lodge in the quaint small town of Cascadia, but her dreams of turning it into a B&B were dashed when single father Travis Keegan purchased it and moved to town with his son. The initial hostility fades as these two hardworking parents realize they have a lot more in common than they first thought… *coming soon

Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains

With her fiancé stuck in a coma for the past three weeks Diana Merriman may just be the only person not excited for Christmas. But when Diana is magically transported back to the day of her fiancé’s accident she realizes she has a chance to save him and put everything right. Would that it t ’were so simple, Diana finds herself reliving the day of the accident over and over again, with endless possible iterations of how the day could have gone. Stuck in this holiday time loop Diana finally takes a step back, examines her life, and faces some tough realizations of how he has been living her life, who she wants to be, and the importance of the loved ones around her. *coming soon

Christmas Mittens Murder by Lee Hollis, Maddie Day, and Lynn Cahoon

This collection of holiday cozy mysteries will have readers in the mood to bake some gingerbread and knit up some warm Christmas mittens! Whether it’s Hyaley Powell solving the mystery of a diamond theft and murder at a Christmas Bazaar, Mia Malone catching the killer at the local Lodge, or Cece Barton solving the crime of the death of a wine bar owner each of these mysteries will lead readers on an engaging journey with plenty of twists. *coming soon

Santa and Company by Fern Michaels

Four single 30-sometihg women reunite for a holiday ski trip to remember in bestselling author Fern Michaels newest holiday romance. They plan to have fun on the slopes by day and enjoy cozy fires together by night. But when one of the party, Frankie, injures herself while snowshoeing alone she is rescued by the reclusive and handsome Troy Manchester. When Troy gallantly returns Frankie to the ski lodge and her friends come to her aid in her recuperation a series of surprising events are set into motion that will have everyone believing in the magic of the holidays. *coming soon

The Sound of Sleighbells by Janet Dailey

Love and family are the two most important things in the world, never is that more true than during the holidays. After her divorce Ruth McCoy is determined to make this Christmas a good one for her kids. But when her son begins connecting with Judd Rankin, her old flame and, unbeknownst to him, the father of her child, Ruth begins to worry her secret will be revealed. As Christmas approaches old feelings are stirred up, bonds are formed, and truths are told. This second chance romance will remind readers of the strength of family, and the sweetness of a first love. *coming soon