Christmas Gift Guide: Cozy Mystery Edition

It can be tricky finding the perfect gift for everyone, but for anyone with a friend or loved one who is a fan of cozy mysteries we have good news for you, cozies make for the perfect two in one gifting opportunity.

Mastering the Art of French Murder by Colleen Cambridge

For readers interested in being whisked to post-WWII Paris and steeping in the city’s culinary wonders with guidance from the legendary Julia Child, and who may also want the intrigue of solving a perplexing murder. From the City of Light’s enchanting quarters to the labyrinthine streets of Montmartre, follow the quest to untangle the mystery before the killer strikes again. Any reader as engrossed in the story as in Parisian cuisine, a classic Le Creuset dutch oven would make a splendid accompaniment, ensuring they’re well-equipped to savor the twists and turns of this tantalizing tale.

Christmas Mittens Murder by Lee Hollis, Lynn Cahoon, and Maddie Day

Lee Hollis, Lynn Cahoon, and Maddie Day weave together three gripping mysteries amid the festive charm of the season. These tales woven with suspense and cozy mitten-themed crimes, one at a Christmas Bazaar, one at a local lodge, and a third at a charming wine bar, showcase the spirit of Christmas in thrilling whodunits. As readers unravel these cozy mysteries, they’ll long for their own pair of snug mittens, perfect to keep them warm while delving into the pages of these wintry tales.

Murder on Tour by V.M. Burns

Readers who relish gripping mysteries with well-woven plots and intricate character webs will savor this tale’s twists and turns. Bookstore owner Samantha Washington faces murder during her book tour, encountering jealousy and dark secrets in the literary world, and a death scene that curiously reflects one in the plot of her own mystery novel. A reading journal could be the perfect gift for those captivated by this book, providing a space to reflect on plot intricacies, jot down clues, and track character developments, enhancing the experience and allowing them to delve deeper into their favorite mysteries.

A Furry Little Christmas by Laurien Berenson

A delightful holiday treat for mystery enthusiasts, bundling two engaging Melanie Travis mysteries, “Wagging Through the Snow” and “Here Comes Santa Paws,” into one captivating volume. Ideal for the canine-loving detective reader in your life, these tales follow Melanie and her poodles through unexpected murders amid the festive season. To elevate the reading experience, gifting a dog toy alongside this book makes the perfect two-fold gift for the reader and the beloved pooch in their life.

A Twisted Skein by Sally Goldenbaum

In this engrossing tale of community and intrigue a local birder’s discovery of a fellow enthusiast’s body turns out to be murder and the Seaside Knitters find themselves entangled in a mystery that binds secrets and friendships together. As the story unravels like yarn from a skein, readers will find themselves drawn into the rich tapestry of this close-knit community. For those captivated by this charming mystery steeped in the world of knitting and camaraderie, a thoughtful gift like a yarn bowl would be a perfect addition to their crafting collection ensuring that no matter how tangled and complicated the mystery becomes they can at least keep their knitting projects tidy.